ommunity effect in someone’s life is some

ommunity service is a performance volunteered by an individual or an organization.

This action benefits a community or institution. Usually community services are done as part of an organized scheme. The true meaning of community service is when we do something without the intentions of getting money or a reward from someone else. The main aspect of community service is volunteering.

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Getting the satisfaction knowing that you are able to have some sorts of effect in someone’s life is some benefit of participating community service activitCommunity service is important because it offers one the opportunity to give back to others and their community. It is important part of college experience and valuable. To view a local community, it is designed to expand while instilling the sense of purpose and pride regarding own interests and abilities.

Community service has also become an important part of application in college. To select and separate their application and to determine which receives scholarships, admission officers use community service as a method in many colleges.


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