On hinder the Christians in the journey of

On his part, the Pope Francis has exposed the different temptations faced by the pastoral workers and has given a hint to overcome such temptations by imitating the incarnation aspect of God.

He also shows the charity services in the history of Christianism: The Church and the Christians have engaged in the many charity services to show immense love for humanity inspired by God who became man. Such edifications, in terms of going out of oneself and one’s personal comforts, shown by the Christians and by their joyful sacrifice of their lives and time for others is yet another witness to overcome one’s selfishness and give more fully oneself in the service for humanity. The Christians of this generation, no exception to Sengol, tend to define the signs of time as problems that barricade the advancement in pastoral works and create a situation where there is nothing possible at all. Finally, they get discouraged and lose the missionary enthusiasm. Pope Francis innovatively highlights the temptations faced by the pastoral workers as those which need to be traversed in the light of the Gospel and by the Christian faith. He further encourages every Christian saying that there are temptations to be traversed but not to hinder the Christians in the journey of salvation.

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