On consisted 15 individuals. Group A and B

On Monday, may 28th our group presented a successful IT and soft skills training session. Our goal was to help and educate each and every student with soft skills, information technology, games and quizzes in a fun and entertaining way and additionally an award ceremony. We understood the steps that accomplishes our goal and then we achieved it through working hard as a group.

Our first step in achieving this goal was to meet as a group. Each group consisted 15 individuals. Group A and B were the groups that we got to work with and I were to be in group B as a Research and development manager. We prepared in-group meetings to get to know each other and we threw out our ideas on what we were thinking regarding the project then we split up who was going to carry each role.

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Soon after they appointed me as the research and development manager and one of my colleague was assigned to assist me throughout the project. I was responsible for research, planning and implementing new ideas and strategies into the group.We decided to present our training session at Al Irfan International School Kandy. It is a school which greatly needed an IT knowledge to get succeed in Ordinary level exam and we managed to give our full support to fulfil their requirements.

This would be their very first year facing Ordinary level exam with the ICT subject and the school officially requested us present a seminar regarding IT subject. These were the reasons which made us to choose this school as our primary target.As a group, we wanted to address the children while showing them relevant presentations and to cheer them through simple games. During the meeting we discussed the idea of using games and quizzes to support our session. We used to meet up with the group members separately to discuss how we are going to implement the session. The members came up with an amazing idea and we all were in agreement.

This gave our group a theme to base our presentation. We discussed the games that we were going to facilitate and where they were going to happen, who was going to speak first and who was going to close the presentation and the budgetary aspects. The theme was set a long time prior to the session, it gave us time to plan the whole presentation. There was a constant open line of communication via email, whats app and other social Medias.Before the session, entire group met again.

During this meeting, some of the job duties were re-assigned. I was asked to be as the logistics manager, bring the materials which needed on the presentation day and to set up the seminar hall.After many struggles and challenges we met the presentation day. We all arrived early and we started the session at 9:00 am with the school anthem and proceeded with the agenda. As we wanted as a group, the children actively participated in each and every activity that we presented. We performed simple games and activities to cheer up the children throughout the session. Introduction to ICT, use of ICT and advanced ICT are the main topics that we covered on the presentation day. To end the session, we did a quiz competition and organized an award ceremony to reward the winners and the participants of the competition.

A plaque was given to the respected principle as a token of appreciation before ending the session.Overall, the session was a huge success. Our group worked very well together and expressed their ideas and none of them were met with negativity. We all played a vital role. During the session, group members got involved even though it wasn’t their area of responsibility. We all respected each other and it showed in the presentation.


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