on the method of burning the candle. we

                                                     onthis test study on the fireplace from a burning candle. we going learn aboutthe method of burning the candle. we will broaden our understanding of thisclinical system via staring at a burning flame of candle and through the use ofdifferent strategies we are able to observe the change in the flame of candle.                                                  As we recognize that the fire isa dangerous technique. Its research requires a few safety. The research of fireis a scientific system, we want to require to recognize from when and the waythe fire started.

As we recognise the burning of a candle is begin with astable gasoline that is referred to as a wax. while the candle burn the wax isliquefied and growing up inside the shape of wick and vaporized in environmentby way of capillary action. This liquid is also oxidized by using the candle flamevery quickly. within the burning technique of candle the power produces withinthe shape of light energy and heat power. The burning method is a totallysimple method and it could be represented through the equation given as,   ifthe wax is remove, the flume or oxygen or any one from the above combinationthe candle will be out. To look the fire from candle itable to use exceptional strategies. Example on that, first be able to have aobserve at re-igniting a candle.

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in this part of the test, the candle can belighted up by using a lighter and blow out carefully. While looking at thesmoke coming from the extinguished candle and setting a lighted into the smokethe candle will light again. And then  beable to see the candle will extinguish when we locate the burning candle into abowl that have a few water in it and covering the burning candle with an emptyjar the candle will extinguish.          Trail 1 Trail 2 Trail 3 Average 250 ml 16.56 15.21 14.

66 15.47 600 ml 40.49 38.23 38 38.90 1000 ml 120.18 118.23 119.

27 119.22    to observe the fire from the candle by taking a notecard and trying to passing through the first try was the head of the note whilethe candle on.There is nothing happened not even a little mark. Take the samenote card again but this time it burnt a little bit because this time the notewas passing through the candle from the middle and last try was from the topand actually this time the note burnt      Conclusion: In this experiment we have observed thefire of the burning candle. We have used different method to observe the flameof the candle and we have seen that the candle flame behave differently duringdifferent process of observation.

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