On rhetorical strategies that the author used to

On Seeing England For the First TimeSeeing England For the First Time by Jamaica Kincaid is about a young girl who is taught in a way, to worship England. As a toddler when Jamaica thinks England she sees a place like no other. Jamaica talks about how important England was in her daily life. She talks about her behavior, her food, her clothes, etc. This passage written by Jamaica was meant to inform readers of the hit/effect that England had on her as a little girl. Some rhetorical strategies that the author used to explain details about her passage were repetition, speaking style (diction), imagery, etc.In the essay “On Seeing England For the First Time” Jamaica uses imagery to express her feelings towards England.

She compares England to “Jerusalem.” This shows her adoration, she is comparing England to the city of the bible. In Kincaid’s eyes England is a place that one aspires to visit.

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When the flag of England was shown to Jamaica for the first time she described it in awe using words such as beautiful, delicate, and very special jewelry to symbolize the significance of England in her life. Kincaid talks about how the teacher referred to England with a tone of seriousness, authority, and adoration. Throughout the essay the word England is repeated many times. This would not only symbolize the importance of England in Jamaica’s like but also be an example of repetition. Kincaid mentions on more than one occasion that England is a special jewel. She says “England was a special jewel…..

and only special people got to wear it.” This quote tells us that as a toddler Jamaica thought very well of English people. To Kincaid “made in England” means that whatever the product is, it came from a great place. Kincaid shows her fascination with England using repetition.Through the use of diction Jamaica Kincaid shows her feelings of wonder toward England. She uses words like greatness and adoration to illustrate how much she loves England and how important England is for her. She also uses other words like gently and meaningful.

She uses these words to depict the peacefulness in England and the importance of England in her life.


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