On scrutinize the connection between individual family

On the basis of analysis and conclusion, study described the connection between disparate generations along their association with narcissism and resilience, also the interrelation between age groups with resiliency and narcissism as well as their impact on each other. Every single variable are somehow positive correlated and some are how negatively correlated but there exist some relation which are resemble with the researches done by other researchers. Therefore, there have somehow limitations about limited and fixed sample size, zone of selection (only Swabi city) and other factors due to which results cannot be generalized on the whole population.
There were also much plenty connecting areas in amalgamation with generations, narcissism and resilience, for those who were curious in this subject matter can scrutinize the connection between individual family system (nuclear and joint) on the extent of resilience and narcissism as well interconnection in between narcissism and resilience. Mainly individuals lived in collective family there will be the prospect of developing narcissism less in them as compared to who live in conjugal family.
There were also many connecting regions synthesized with generation, resiliency and narcissism, hereafter others can explore and estimated values and reliance of different generations or we can say that conduct different researches on generation gap, that how the generation gap can affect individual mental or emotional state. As individual is a social animal, one way or another they connected and dependent on one another so, there exist differences in their beliefs and values with in a same society which were lead to lack of misunderstanding or acceptance of other beliefs which also arise generation gap.
It also recommend other investigators to discover the degree of narcissism in males and females for the purpose of evaluating that either masculine are more narcissistic or feminine are. In turn men are additional resilient than women or not.
Further it make ease for analysts to determine link between child rearing process by collecting data from parents and checked their subsequent effects on the degree of resilience and narcissism. Primarily the pampered child’s had high strength of narcissism and low strength of resilience in contrast to the naive one’s who faced more issues in their starting life’s will allow to lift and survive better in adverse situation.
Besides it recommend for researchers to detect the correlation between individual’s degree of narcissism, resiliency and their attitude towards work site that either narcissistic individual has a positive attitude towards work place or negative also same the case in resiliency, either resilient person has a constructive or destructive attitude in working environment. Moreover, it propose that investigators can analyse the association in between narcissism and resiliency with individual achievements in academic areas.
It’s also recommended for the researchers who are concerned in the content of generations and intensity of resilience and resilience to inspect, likewise increase in intensity level of narcissism will lead ‘narcissistic personality disorder’ in Millennials or in Xennials moreover, the other researchers also evaluate the magnitude of self worth in materiality to narcissism and resilience which means that either individual who have more resilient have high self esteem or not, same in manifestation of narcissism that withal narcissistic individual has a high self esteem or not.
Besides, it endorsed other analysts to find out, leadership capabilities in complacent and resilient individuals either that flexible one’s have more potentiality to rule over someone or self-loving had more propensity of becoming good supervisor, also the researcher investigate, in which age group capability of superintendence has been institute presiding in quality apart from other generation.
In addition, it also commends for researchers to look over self-conceited level along its effect on quality of life, also degree of resilience and its upshot on standard of life, in what way high or low degree of self-directed effect individual’s calibre of life along how low and high resiliency effects individual’s life style


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