On Arts Building. It was “a musical

On the night of April 21, 2018, I attended Godspell, written by John-Michael Tebelak, and produced by the Performing Arts Building. It was “a musical based on the gospel according to Matthew. From our historical distance, Jesus appears during great hypocrisy by religious and political leaders who, in our present-day views, target the most vulnerable around them.The setting began in modern day America, and the actors revealed our violent ways of living.

Jesus was among them all on, and he called to them many times before they began to give attention to. He went to each character to let see him or her the peace that he could take, and as they met him, they began to take in their wrong one by one, as marks of paint were placed upon their faces. Jesus came to them to full of force among them, and statement of part-owner the good news of endless living. Together, the form let be seen the teachings, belief that is discovered in the New Testament being’s story of the book of Christian belief. Jesus did teaching to by example, and the public saw this as the actors went through the stories of the lost son, the 2 sons who worked in the land planted with berries, a prostitute, and of Lazarus. As time went on, the Pharisees began to go on troubling Jesus, and they went to Judas, a disciple, and paid him thirty pieces of silver to turning Jesus.

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in the end, Judas blew the horn, and Jesus was taken to be crucified. The musical element of the play drew on feelings to expose the intimacy of the situation be counted. This turned into a personal message that used tune to enhance the feelings of chaos, pleasure, joy, and sorrow, the musical elements and dance reached inner of me, and hung on tightly. My emotions had been shared by way of many, however as a catholic, I feel that my historical past expertise and personal courting with God made this play even more astounding.

I truly loved the performance. The costumes of the actors were real to their original, fitting the characters of old days with the dress of modern life. The scenery was used very well by the actors, and it was used to add meaning and emphasis to the play.


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