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On November 11, 1620 the pilgrims decided to relocate from England to Holland and than from Holland to United States of America. In England it was basically Illegal to worship other churches within England other that the Church of England. Eventually the pilgrims, which were called “The separatists group”(Crosswalk,2017), became tired of not being able to worship another higher power and wanted to relocate themselves for the freedom of belief and religion. For a while they were accepting the freedom of religion they were getting within Holland so many people wonder why they didn’t remain there.

In Holland there were many problems with families and how much money that was being earned. Immigrants there were not naturally getting paid much despite their hard labor. That caused the adults to age quicker and unfortunately not being able to stick around their children’s life for as long as they could’ve. Also in Holland they had Dutch culture which involved much tolerance.

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So that made their children not obey their parents as much and it cause family’s to become disruptive.     “So for the sake of their children and for the gospel, the Pilgrims made the historic decision to immigrate again” (Crosswalk, 2017)  This quote shows the pilgrims weren’t approving the fact that they could worship who they wanted to in england, there was barely any gospel recognition in Holland, which they took very seriously and they weren’t getting their money’s worth for doing a huge amount of laborious tasks because they were immigrants. They felt that America was a better place to start over and be able to create their own society and rules and ultimately they were free.

They also were able to succeed here even though there were many deaths from their first winter but they kept their faith and continued to settle in the U.S and call it their own.      In 1781 the United States constitution was written by James madison and was signed on September 17, 1787.  There were many explanations that the founding fathers had behind adding and contributing towards the constitution. For example Thomas Paine, “Thomas Paine wrote the influential pamphlet “Common Sense,” which immeasurably influenced the philosophy reflected in the Declaration of Independence” (Oakhill, 2017). This particular founding father developed an mindset were it should be things that people should automatically know, that would be good sportsmanship as an citizen to were there would be less problems between certain territories.

What I take from this quote is that Thomas Paine’s common sense pamphlet would contribute to the Declaration of Independence because I would predict that people felt that they didn’t have their own space when it came to countries and states. I feel that it was an influence to create rules to give people their own ownership to be independent. This connects to guarding tyranny because this would allow certain rules that each state, country, or territory should abide to; to decrease the cause of somebody feeling that they could rule over a certain place they have no right to. “The Founders believed that the purpose of government was to protect life, liberty, and property from what they called the depravity of human nature” (Magnet, 2015) This piece of evidence means that the father’s believed that their is a great importance for freedom and protection from others with opposite ideas and/or positions.


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