On while enjoying the waves that came

On Thursday after Idul Fitri, exactly at 8:30 am, my family and I took a vacation to Carita Beach.

Before we left for Carita beach, I prepared food and drink for us to enjoy there. While my family shorten the vehicle we will use. After everything was ready, we headed straight to Carita beach.During the trip, I was amazed by its natural beauty. The winding road is like a wave, the rice fields are neatly lined up, and the atmosphere of the mountains is very beautiful.

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It turns out so great The gift God has given for all of us.Arriving at the beach, we immediately look for a shady place. Incidentally that day the weather was quite hot so we had to find a comfortable place to rest. After getting a suitable place, my cousin and I immediately satisfied to the beach.

We immediately swam while enjoying the waves that came to our body.When I was enjoying the beach atmosphere, suddenly I heard someone’s voice asking for help. “Please …

… please …

…!!” The sound of the voice was my cousin’s voice. How surprised he was that I was swept away by the waves.

Me and the guest people directly help her. I saw my cousin’s face so pale, he was afraid to drown.


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