On Ceballos. Ceballos was just trying to

On March 1970, Don Ceballos found that some of his tools were missing.

A few days later, he found that the door to his garage looked like it had been damaged and looked like someone had tried to break in. He was a little paranoid, to he put his gun and tied a string to it, so whoever tries to open the door will get shot. Obviously, he wanted to protect his property.

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Two teenage boys had broken in and stole the tools. On May 15, 1970, the same two boys had come again to steal again. However, one of them, Stephen, a 16 year old, got shot in the face. Ceballos was found guilty for assault. The People in Gilliam said you have to have a warrant to use deadly force, but I disagree with that because if he bought a gun, he has the right to use it whenever. In the U.S court, the law states that a person may be criminally liable if they have the intention to injure or kill someone using deadly machinery.

However, there is an exception because the person that is injured or killed has an intention of committing a crime is guilty of the crime, not the person who injured them, which is Ceballos. Ceballos was just trying to protect the property which he has “little of” as he said during his trial.Ceballos is completely right because the teenage boys were committing burglary.

In Ceballos defense, he was protecting his property, so he should be able to use a trap. If he had the gun in person this case would go differently because they would say he’s protecting himself. However, he can still protect himself and his property without getting charged of assault. I disagree with the court and the teenage boys because they forgot the fact that the boys were committing a crime. Instead they focused on Stephen that got shot in the face. He didn’t die so there shouldn’t be any fuss over it.One point where Ceballos could’ve screwed up is if any of his relatives or friends opened the door, got shot, and died. Now that’s a risk and liability Ceballos has to take.

Ceballos should’ve thought this through and maybe made a different take on his decision. He either could’ve bought cameras and put it in the garage or hid his valuable things. I feel like homeowners should be allowed to have traps to protect themselves and their property. This may decrease the amount of burglary crimes because this may scare people of committing crimes and this will make people feel safe


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