Once two years of high school are important

Once it is time to move on to the real world, many students are not prepared because of the lack of introduction to life skills.

Not knowing what will happen after high school is a big concern for many students. At Bishop High school, students are not taught how to prepare to get into college, the importance of their credit, and how to keep up with finances. Instead of teaching students these real life skills and preparations, most schools and teachers focus on just teaching students on what they need to pass the state test.

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The STAAR test is the Texas mandated test that all students must pass to move on to the next grade level. While students do need to know the material for the test, it is also important to be taught skills for life after high school. Since many students plan on continuing their education, Bishop High School should show students how to apply and fill out college applications. The last two years of high school are important transitioning years; students are deciding on what they want to do and where they want to continue their education. Applying for college is a very intimidating process, especially for those students who are having to face the process alone without the help of their parents because they are first generation graduates. If they are shown the process in school, when it comes time to apply to a college, students will know what to do and will not shy away from it from lack of knowledge on how to apply. Some people may say that students need to fail in order to learn, but that will not help the student in the long run when they are on their own for the first time.As students go into the real world, it is the important to learn about finances and credit.

As students graduate, they start to make decisions that they never had to make before, like financial ones. These may include rent, bills, tuition, and daily living expenses. Managing money and building credit is important to teach young adults because this sets them up for their future and teaches them good habits. Learning money management in high school could benefit students because it will teach them to be responsible when they start to make their own money.

It is hard to understand the value of money when it’s given to you, as in high school where most students don’t have to worry about the cost of living or paying bills. It is when you start to make your own money or must start budgeting, that you realize the value and importance of keeping up with it. Focusing on college and money management in high school could really set students up for future success. Also, it will give them the confidence to feel like they are ready to face the real world. To solve the issues discussed, Bishop High School should incorporate a class to teach the subjects needed for the students to be on their own feet after high school. The class would spend time on learning how to further their education, the importance of a good credit, and other finances that are needed. It is important for schools to recognize that they also have a responsibility to teach students to be prepared for their tests and real life.

High school might be the only place where they get the chance to learn about these subjects and have the resources to explore them. Life is not easy, but hopefully with a new class for life skills, high school graduates will have a good head on their shoulders. Knowing what to expect after high school will not only make things better for the student, but also for the parents. If the parents know their child is prepared, things will flow smoothly and go as planned. Having a class over the life skills will be a great advantage to many.


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