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Once upon a time there lived a very wise man who never, ever lied. His name was Hammad. Hammad was famous all over the land, far and wide, for his reputation of always telling the truth.
The headman of the town heard about Hammad and ordered his companions to call him to the place. They did it.
He looked at the wise man and asked, ” Hammad, is it true, that you have never lied?” “It’s true and I will never lie in my life,” replied Hammad. “Okay, but be careful as lies are very easy to speak!” said the headman smilingly.

Several days passed and the headman called Hammad once again. The headman was determined to trick Hammad into lying. With a big crowd gathered all around, the headman talked with Hammad pretending as if he was going for hunting. With one foot in his horse’s stirrup, he ordered Hammad, “Go to my place and tell my son I will be with him for lunch on my return. Tell him to arrange a big feast. You will have lunch with me then.” Hammad listened to the headman and then set off.

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The headman laughed and said, “We won’t go hunting and now Hammad will lie to my son. Tomorrow we will laugh on his behalf.” He told all the people to gather at his place the next day so that he can disclosed that the wise man had told a lie to his son. But the wise Hammad went to his son and said, “Maybe you should arrange a big feast for lunch tomorrow, and maybe you shouldn’t. Maybe your father will come by noon, and maybe he won’t.” “Tell me will he come, or won’t he?” asked the son. “I don’t know whether he got on his horse or whether he put his left foot on the ground after I left,” said the wise man.
The next day people gathered at the headman’s place. They were anxiously waiting for the headman to come. He came with his son and said to him and the people arrogantly, “The wise Hammad, who never lies, lied to my son yesterday.” But his son told him about the words of Hammad. The headman realised that the wiseman never lies, and says only that, which he saw with his own eyes He accepted that wisdom is better than all riches of the world. It can safe us from many problems.


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