One changes from being warm and humid to

One of the world’s most largest National Park lies in southern Florida and consists of 1.

5 million acres of land. This Park is called the Everglades. With a longitude of 80.

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8987W and a latitude of 25.2866N this is considered one of the most largest parks. The climate of this park is mainly known to be warm and humid but the weather varies due to the seasons.

Summer is known to be the “Wet Season” with rain up to 60 inches and also contains daily thunderstorms. June through November is known as “Hurricane Season” and has a big impact on the Everglades due to the fact that there are many seas that lie around the park. Lastly, Winter is known to be the “Dry Season” the weather drastically changes from being warm and humid to freezing temperatures in the low 40’s. The average precipitation of this park (January-December) is 56 inches and 1,432 millimeters.     The Everglades was first established on December 6, 1947 by a man named Ernest F Coe. Before the Everglades became a park, Native Americans and settlers called the “Gladesmen” used the Everglades for its natural resources such as hunting, forming communities, farmland and camping. In 1000 B.

C a Native group called “Calusa” made a living out their surroundings. They mostly used shells for things such as clothing and jewelry and used spears to hunt. They ate leaves, went fishing and hunting for their food. Later in the 1800’s the group “Gladesmen” survived off of the Everglades by camping and learning the land by exploring.

In the 1900’s the Everglades  became a wetland and soon after Ernest F Coe turned it into a national park to protect its environment. He later then created an association called the “Tropical Everglades National Park association” in 1928.    An interested fact about the Everglades is that it is known as the “River of Grass” due to a journalist named Stoneman Douglas. They describe the Everglades as a river of grass because most say that when you look at the land it is an “open grassy place” and seems as if it contains many types of animals. Another interesting fact is that over 8 million people use  the Everglades to provide them with water.

The water flows underground into Aquifers which cleans the water. The last interesting fact is that the Everglades have grassy plants called “Sawgrass” that have razor edge blades which it pretty dangerous.    The Everglades is known as province located on the Atlantic Coastal Plain which is surrounded with a lot of Flatwood and Islands. The Everglades consists of  flat land that grounds under the sea meaning that the water is deep at the bottom of the sea. The sea level rises due to climate change which can endanger a lot of the sea creatures and plants that are at the bottom of the sea. Due to the fact that the weather is mainly humid which can lead to a lot of rain, it is easier for the water to rise. The Everglades have many sedimentary rocks called the Pliocene and the Miocene that lie in the Flatwoods of the Everglades which are 3-5 million yrs old. The Everglades is surrounded by 10,000 island sub provinces These islands provide a habitat for underwater species.

Consisting of plant’s and falling tree branches.    Plants and Animals have a big population in the Everglades. The Everglades have a rapid growth when it comes to their grass and plants, but one effect that can slow the growing cycle down is the continuous flooding. One plant that is mostly seen In Florida is the Bromeliads.

These plants are like pineapples and add color and scene to the Everglades. Weather has a big impact on the type of animals that are most seen throughout the seasons. The Everglades consist of many Amphibians such as frogs and toads. The Florida cricket frog is a famous Amphibian that is seen all throughout Florida. These animals are 1 ¼ inches long. You would know that you are looking at a Florida Cricket Frog because there would be two dark stripes on the frog.

This frogs also has different types of groups such as the Northern Cricket Frog and the Southern Cricket Frog.    The Everglades National Park is really the place to be when looking for fun outside activities! You can go canoeing, bird watching, geocaching, hiking and many more.  When going camping in the Everglades you are bound to be surrounded by a lot of trees, plants and maybe some wildlife animals. You are allowed to go in groups of 15 when camping but may have to consider taking two sites.


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