One shift and staying committed. I am

One rainy night, I stopped by thepharmacy close to my house regarding my mother asthma medications. Themedication price was way too expensive, especially, since she didn’t haveinsurance, but the pharmacist cared and took her time to research and find acheaper alternative. Because of her attention and care for my mother’s well-being,my mother was able to receive her medication on time.

Pharmacists providepatients a sense of comfort that they are cared for and inculcate trust in patients.I would like to become such a person who is keenly help the patients with greatattention.  I immigrated to the United States with my family when I wasteenager. My parents came to the United States, so that we could have theopportunity to chase our dreams.  The importanceof working hard and not taking anything for granted in life is extremely importantin our family. My father and I, were the only earning members in the family. So,juggling school and workingfull time to support my family, was something really challenging for me at thattime. I faced new and unfamiliar challenges, which was reflectedin my undergraduate degree.

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Despite the ups and downs, I eventually finished myundergraduate degree. My desired to become a pharmacist rose out of my caringfor others. A substantial part of my personality is dedicated to alwaysthinking about other individuals and contributing to their health and happiness.So, I decided to go back to school and work on reaching my goals.  I, also, became a certified pharmacy technician and have been working inretail pharmacy as a senior certified pharmacy technician for almost 7 years. Thisopportunity allowed me to work directly under a Pharmacist.

Not only that, I wasable to experience what pharmacists do in a day to day basis and get in-depth,hands on experience. These experiences increased my ability to cooperate andcommunicate with patients and coworkers. It showed me the significance of beingon time for my shift and staying committed. I am thankful to have had the chanceto acquire and observe the profession on hand. I learned how to work under the tremendousstressful setting, particularly during the busiest times at the pharmacy.  I learned that a pharmacist has a lot of liabilityin society as a great source of knowledge and service, as well as an extremely reliableindividual.

Still, there’s a lot to discover in the pharmaceutical field and occupation.By getting Doctor of pharmacy, it will help me to reach my goal and to benefitthe community.My parents battle as immigrants, my family’s principles of willpowerthat they have imparted in me and my eagerness to act upon my thoughts will unquestionablyassist me to reach this target. It is significant to me that I have a desire for whateverpath my life takes me on. By pursuing a career in pharmacy will provide equal significanceand fulfillment in my life.

I understand that as a pharmacist I would constantly be coming up with innovativethings, emerging trust with patients, and contributing the community. All ofthese combined helped me decide that going into pharmacy is the path for me.   


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