One going further to this understanding, we

One may wonder when come across the word notice to the field, one may at first view sociology as only study of human groups. By going further to this understanding, we can define sociology as scientific study of human society and social interactions. Knowing human behaviours and how they interact in the society. The word sociology originated from Greek (logos) and Latin (socius) meaning the companionship and study of it. Auguste comte, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber are the examples of the early sociologists during industrial revolution (the growth of cities and industries) sociologists apply both theoretical perspectives and research methods to examine the aspects of social behaviors.Sociology is one of the social sciences but we can further distinguish sociology from other social sciences, nevertheless, the sciences have enough in common to overlap with one another at many points.

For example political science, concerns the regimes of various focuses on what kind of regime society has. The other one is, economic science that involves productivity of goods and services.Perspectives are further categorised into three groups as: symbolic interactions which directs sociologist to consider symbols and details of everyday life in relation to what the symbols mean and interact with people. Another perspective is functionalism. This looks much on each of the aspects of society interdepend and contributes to society’s functioning as one. The last perspective is conflict theory which focuses on the positive aspects of society that contributes to its stability.

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People should believe cooperative way to maintain social order. The first benefit of sociological perspectives is, it allows us to recognise opportunities we have, brings understandings and addressing social situation helps us to understand human diversity and it empowers us as active members of our world. Sociology is an exciting and illuminating field of study, therefore, it analyses and explains crucial matters in our persona lives, our communities and the world. For instance, students who have been well trained in sociology know how to think critically about human social life and how to ask crucial research questions.


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