One Malay family living in Malaysia would

One of the minority ethnic group in Malaysia is Baba and Nyonya which faced an identity dilemma relating to theirethnicity belonging in the process of assimilation, especially when the process happen being a Baba or Nyonya meansto be Malay in Malaysian context. For example, an individual born in a Malay family living in Malaysia would acceptherself/himself as „Malay?. An individual born in a Baba or Nyonya family living in Malaysia, contributing to theeconomic development of the country might want to be known as Malays to benefit from being a Bumiputera or wouldlike to be known as Baba or Nyonya to conform to the family roots or would just like to be known as Chinese for whatthey are or labeled to be. Pressure from the society and the environment to be accepted by a common factor in acommunity could strongly trigger „ethnic switching? or „identity dilemma?.

Nevertheless individual?s economiccontribution to a country is elicited to the acceptance of the common factor in a community.

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