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One of the most important reasons for studying gender aspects of language is the general tendency of linguistic
Sciences to “study the social conditions under which communication takes place, in particular the human factor in
language “1, p. 454.
The early stage of the development of the doctrine of language and gender as a separate branch of science is considered by the 1970s. Although there are earlier examples of women’s speech as a deviation from state-of-the-art linguistic practices. But only from the 1970s scientists began to systematically study
the interaction between language and gender 2, c. 1. This period is considered the “second wave” of the Women’s Movement. Exactly
language became the object and main objective of the Women’s Movement in Western Countries 3, c. 10.
Today’s gender studies are one of the most important places in linguistics. Your
The work on this problem was devoted to Dale Spender 4, Jennifer Coates 5; 6,
J. Corbett 7, P. Eckert 8, C. McConnellGinet 9, S. Romaine 10, D. Tannen (Deborah Tannen) 11, Julia T. Wood
12, O. Goroshko 13-18, I. Kuznetsova 19-21, A. Martyniuk 22 and other scholars who studied linguistics
the peculiarities of speech of women and studied the main differences from the speech of men.
The center of gender research has cultural and social factors that determine the attitude of society to men and women 1, p. 21. Gender identity is constructed in the social sphere
and is determined by socio-cultural factors 1, p. 32, therefore, it can be investigated in the context of e-nullivism, cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics, and others.
The study of men and women’s speech proves that there are some differences between them
talk and write men, and the way women do it. If it’s not quite right now to speak
about “gender”, then it is advisable to take into account the peculiarities of the speech style of men and women


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