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One of the most important stakeholder that the NHS has are the patients.

The patients are those that attend the NHS for healthcare due to illnesses and diseases. If the NHS provides the patients with good quality services like curing a disease or illness or provides them with good quality subscribed products to take as medicine then the patients would be satisfied with the aid given and recommend the NHS to more people that the patient would know. This would then mean that the NHS would gain more support from the general public which means that when the NHS runs a charity event and collects donations to help people then they would gain more. Providing a good quality service to the patients is one of the key things for the NHS because the success of the business depends on it.North West Healthcare Science Network – The NHS North West Healthcare Science Network is a professional network created in 2004 to support, promote, develop and represent the Healthcare Science workforce of over 7000 healthcare scientists in the North West. The NHS is developing even more because of the this stakeholder it has. This is a good thing for the NHS because if a successful business is developing even more then it would mean that they are trying to compete well with other businesses and stay on top. Another reason why development is good for the NHS is that it would allow the business to provide a better and good quality products and services for its customers.

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Academic Health Science Networks- the Academic Health science Networks (AHSNs) present a unique opportunity to give support to education, clinical research, informatics, innovation, training and healthcare delivery. Their goal is to improve patient and population health outcomes by converting research into practice, and developing and planning integrated health care services. The NHS would be influenced in a good way by this stakeholder because they are providing support for important things that a business needs. An example of support that this stakeholder provides the NHS is clinical research.


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