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One of the most important thing when it comes to college is students taking out student loans to help pay for their college tuition. With college tuition, the dorms or apartments, food, and of course their books.

Students have a lot to pay for and most of the time need help affording it. A student loan can be really expensive, and also really stressful to pay back when you are done with your college education. First of all, many college students have a lot of debt because college prices are outrageous! Most all college students have to get loans to help them pay for their schooling. When finishing their schooling, they have to start paying off their debt. Debt can last many years. Many people are still paying off their student loans by the time they are ready to retire. From the website of Federal Student Aid about the students loan, there are a lot of different loan that you could find for your need (undergraduate student, graduate student, professional, parent borrower).

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Even if there are so many different type of student loan, at different interest, school and education is really expensive and you have to pay your student loan back for years. On average, a public two-year college is $12000 for the tuition and the room and board charge, and a public four-year school is $35000 a year. Which is for most people way too expensive.When going to college, people wait to the last minute to try to apply for loans. I have no loans currently and I hope I don’t have to get any student loans until I am almost ready to graduate so therefore I do not have that much debt to pay off. Student loans are outrageous and cause so much stress upon students.

Even if students don’t like ask their family for financial aid, as a student you should think twice to any other solution other than a student loan. May be go in a two year college which is a lot cheaper than a four-years school. Or another solution could be doing your study in 5 years with being a part time student for the fall/spring/summer sessions and finding the time to study on the side to be able to pay for college. I currently have no loan, I decide to go in a two-year school first for that reason.

Or you can try to get a scholarship for athletic performance or other. In conclusion, there are a lot of way for a students can pay for there academics. They can pay by a scholarship, working on the side, your family, but most of the time students should avoid getting a loan for their school. But if you don’t have another option, just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before committing to a student loan because they can get really expensive, and can take years to pay it off.


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