“One terms and phrases in this prompt

    “One man’s art is another man’s trash.

It’s impossible to say what is art and what is not.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?    When you hear “One man’s art is another man’s trash” you’ll instantly think of the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” but something that is trash has no purpose or value but it is considered to be art, something that doesn’t have value to one person can, be valuable to another. The important terms and phrases in this prompt are Art, Trash, Impossible, and Extent. Each of these terms and phrases mean something Trash means of no value, useless; Art means an area of knowledge ways of knowing, and concepts; Impossible means not possible/question? And Extent means answer/gradient.

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In the prompt, there were three debatable claims. 1. “One man’s art is another man’s trash.

“,2.”It’s impossible to say.”, and 3.”What is art and what is not.” These claims are debatable because you can either agree or disagree with these claims, and you can different perspectives on these claims.In my theory of knowledge essay the links of Ways of Knowing, Area of Knowledge, and Theory of Knowledge Concepts I will be using is “Value, Sense Perception, Emotion, and The Arts” To what extent does sense perception make a person value art? A person can value art to an extent that you can use sense perception to make or come across good art or it’s worth. Sense perception can make a person value art because of the person behind the painting or the feeling someone gets from the painting or simply the color of the overall piece.       Under what circumstances does your culture influence the art you choose?        Culture is an important and strong value in people lives.

It influences their knowledge, views, hopes, and judgments. Culture influence is based one’s set of values, and heritage, these influences through cultural activities like religion and art. Which lead me to knowledge question Under what circumstances does your culture influence the art you choose? To a high extent does culture influence the art you choose because different people different ethnicity would differ in opinion and value when it comes down to making judgement different to the certain artwork. Media use in the art to build a connection with one’s cultural background with their line, colors and symbols because the view is able to relate to the piece and express a certain feeling towards it. For example, I have a friend named Ben that is a senior at my school that is an artist who from Liberia, located in West Africa. Ben’s culture is very unique and it’s displayed in his personality and his artwork. By having a unique culture aspect Ben’s able to view certain artwork in his own way that is unique to him and his culture, Ben’s ability to sees one aspect of art piece gave the art a new meaning to express to the viewer.

Ben’s ability to express the meaning of what he thinks art is in his own way. Ben looking at some pieces help him access his own feelings and emotions that someone might otherwise neglect or cant see themselves.Ben’s culture aspect of art and just seeing the multiple perspectives he can pull from just one piece can be more than what someone else can see.

The fact that your mind has no limitations with how you see something is amazing. However, Some people judgement can be bias based on their culture values because of conflicting culture where one’s cultural values and beliefs clash. With two people coming from two different cultures their opinion on one piece of art can’t change what they might think because of their belief they will never see eye to eye. From the article “How to Judge Art: Five Qualities you can Critique whether you’re an Artist or not” it states that “Knowing the difference between good and bad art can be difficult. You can’t always trust the art experts; many times it’s hard to even understand them.” and “Good art should appeal to you. It will be skillfully made, most likely by an artist who has created other works in a similar fashion.The best art has meaning beyond just an image; perhaps it will bring you to tears, make you laugh, or remind you of something you’d almost forgotten.

It also stands out in a crowd, and dares to be different.” Being bias towards a certain culture may influence the judgement of learning a new perspective. Being bias towards a certain artwork may have a negative influence the ability to learn new art skills based on your liking of that culture.In what ways does your sense perception justify what you consider to be Art?    Art is often considered the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.Art can be found anywhere, like an image of whatever comes into your mind.

it’s simply like dreaming and drawing it out on paper. it can also be said that art is something you think of, your thoughts, or even your skills of knowledge. Which lead to my second knowledge question “In what ways does your sense perception justify what you consider to be Art?” Sense perception justifies it by giving off a bias based on how appealing I consider the product. This based off my sense of perception. If it is appealing to me then that justifies whether it is art. A sense of perception is based on one’s experiences, one’s background, and one’s acquired tastes. All of those influences one’s viewpoint of whether the art conveys some type of emotion, therefore, determining my consideration for the art piece.

In Ms.Bloxsom class we always learn about new artists and we analysis their arts. A sense of perception justifies that art comes from different people and a different mindset of viewpoints of art.Another one of my evidence is when we watch a short documentary of an Artist name Chuck Close and did a painting it was first hard but it got better in the long run. My sense of perception was making me think that doing a similar painting as chuck close did was going to be as hard as it looked without even trying until I actually tried and it was easy without even considering that it was going to be art. The last piece of my evidence was that Expressing ourselves with our every day like for example when your cooking, cleaning, and going to church and listening to your church choir.

These are some things that are art that we use in our everyday life to express the sense of perception. However, Our senses perception cannot be reliable, can cause us to misinterpret the information received by our five senses. The information received by senses can deceive us about what we consider to be art. From the article “How reliable is the knowledge provided by our senses?” it states that ” the process is far more complicated than that, and the variables that are involved means that there is room for debate over what exactly happens. Moreover, just a quick glance at the perceptive abilities of animals quickly reveals just how limited our senses are: in terms of our eyes, for example, our lenses are not capable of dealing with objects at long distance, the twin images they then project onto the retina are tiny and upside-down, and the retina itself is pretty much colour-blind.” Senses perception can’t justify art because what we might think is something it’s actually not.

Senses of perception cannot be reliable on because when you don’t  have prior knowledge on art techniques you cannot make clear judgement on the value of art or what’s considered to be art because you don’t have any prior knowledge to relate to information your senses have gathered to say that “what you’re looking at is art”. Splash of paint on canvas can be a mess to you but to others it’s art but since you don’t have art techniques like from the past you can’t see that. However, our are prior knowledge can increase due exposure to experience over the course of time.   Conclusion I agree with the statement ” One man’s art is another man’s trash” because no one can determine what is art. Art is the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.Art can’t be criticized because if an artist display art out to the world it’s basically them expressing themselves in their own way. For example, art is many different things to people, art comes in different shapes and sizes, Art is any creative work of a human being,Art is a form of expressing oneself, and art is something that no one can understand,  If I’m correct I should expect people not to be judgemental and being open-minded to someone expressing themselves.

If someone agrees they would be open to expressing themselves because they see someone having a positive outcome. If someone disagrees they would continue to be biased with someone’s art even their actions on things because of its their opinion and it matters to them. 


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