ONE air core tire at the rear.

ONE ARTICLE ABOUT A HIGH-TECH ELECTRIC SCOOTERIntroductionKey travel information displaysof mileage, speed grade, current speed, battery capacity, speed and even a lockwarning system, makes this smart and sturdy Xiaomi EUNI ES808 a perfect modelfor those who understand what a folding electric superb scooter means. Why Xiaomi EUMI ES808Think of a time you wade throughtraffic almost being hit by a train or a bus because of brake failure? Brakefaults is a common trend, but it’s not popular with some brands such as thisone. This electric scooter has both a powerful engine and mecha-electronicbraking system for robustness and road safetyScooter for the City dwellers?Since this Xiaomi scooter is foldablewith two small rollers, it’s perfect for city users.

It’s easy to park, pulland Its IPX5is engine makes it water-resistant and its small size allows you towade through traffic easily.Great Features Xiaomi EUNI ES808 scooter has powermotor rated at 250W which generates enough power to start and keep the engineon. This scooter has a lithium battery attached to it with a capacity of 5200mAh, able to charge any device for about 2 hours.It has an 8-inch pneumatic tirein the front and an air core tire at the rear.

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This allows for maximum speed of20km/h without overturning. In fact, large tires ensure a cruising mileage ofabout 20km is achievable with low friction but steadiness.Indeed, its compliance withglobal electric scooter standard making it useful and effective anywhere in theworld. Also, it complies with the American ASTM F-2641 standard. This testing regulationmeans that the electric scooter has increased product safety. The tests andreviews done agree to this accreditation.More so, its handlebar andvertical pipe go through the 5000 stimulated push-pull tests, this ensures itcan withstand any pressure and at any given temperature and condition.

In fact,this scooter is foldable. This allows for easier transport and less space use whenyou enter into a bus or a train. Lastly, it has a perfect dual power off-brakesystem that prevents abrupt or uncertain scooter deceleration.Final remarksPowered by a 250W electric motor withoutput of 6400 mAh at a 42V voltage, this scooter reaches a maximum speed of20km/h with a load of 100kg. The fact that its speed, battery statusand other data can easily be read off the display via an android or iOS app,and that it has a theft protection system on board, makes this scooteradmirable and a must buy for transport.


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