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Online reviews drive sales, so you’ll need to gather positive online reviews and resolve negative reviews to help bring in new customers.

Don’t believe it? At Cohlab, we back up everything with data. A survey by BrightLocal found 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family. In addition, this survey found:97% of consumers looked online for a local business in 2017, with 12% looking for a local business online every day.49% of consumers say they need at least a 4-star rating before they choose to use a business.73% said positive reviews increase their trust of a local business.

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30% of consumers say a local business who responds to reviews is more trustworthy and more likely to receive their dollars.68% of consumers left a local business review when asked.Consumers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business.All of this points to positive online reviews and online reputation management being a killer sales tool for you. We offer a reputation management system which simultaneously makes your reviews much more visible and accessible, while offering your clients a single portal to leave reviews on any site you choose.

See Reputation Management In Action – Check Our Reviews Page!Building a successful business is all about trust. In light of this, the single most effective marketing tool is online reputation management.You can manage online reviews for your business through a variety of activities, but here at Cohlab the chief drivers of our online reputation management system are:Automatically monitoring reviews as they are left on various review websites and manually responding to them as neededAutomatically asking for reviews from your current customers, increasing the number of positive reviews left online and directing negative reviews to come straight to your inboxCompiling reviews from across all review websites and gathering them in one space on your websiteWhy do we ask customers for reviews? The BrightLocal survey shows that, if asked directly, 68% of your customers will post a review or give a testimonial – this can be a huge win for your business!Review StreamReputation Management For Your BusinessReviews can be scary. You can never be 100% sure what will pop-up on Facebook, Yelp, Google or any other review website. But monitoring your online reputation with Cohlab allows you to stay ahead of the curve so the likelihood of you being blindsided by a bad review drops like a rock.Cohlab’s online reputation management automates the task of tactfully asking and reminding your customers for feedback, guides them through an online review process and gives you the chance to reach dissatisfied customers before they write a negative review. Research has shown that 70% of people who post negative reviews only do so in the hope that they will receive a response, so it is a huge advantage to see a negative review before it is posted online as it can then be leveraged into a positive review.

Our system also creates a ‘review stream’ on your website, showcasing the latest and greatest (4- or 5-star) reviews from around the internet, from native reviews on your website to those created on Facebook, Google or industry specific review sites. The review stream is embedded on your website, and a preview of it can be placed on the front page of your website as a rotator as well.With reputation management from Cohlab, you can have the peace of mind that you are gaining and monitoring reviews while also improving your search engine ranking.


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