ONLINE financial management, education, government, e-commerce etc,

          ONLINENEWS PAPER              (e-paper)       Submitted by:P.venkatesh                                          Tableof contents1.     Abstract2.     BasicRequirements3.

     Scope                      ABSTRACTToday the world totally relay upon the electronic media to itsevery day adventure. People have no time to be updated through newspaper orwatching or listening the news in the television or radios. People todayneed to be updated on daily basis in this competitive world. Most ofthe people get the information about the world around through the internetwhich is fast, accessible, and reliable. The WWW (World Wide Web) is huge widelydistributed in global information service centre for Information services:news, advertisements, consumer information, financial management, education, government,e-commerce etc, hyper-link information, and access and usage information.  To be able to get everything well managed and updated every second underone roof is a real challenge. A real expert system is needed with muchsimpler and less sophisticated manner.

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GIF(Graphics Interchange Format) is a serviceintroduced to meet the above requirement and to make the peopleupdated about the news ,views ,reviews, breaking news and latest headlines indifferent fields also the new inventions around the world. This newsportal is targeted towards the growing news agencies and the otherorganizations which are related to the field of media. Electronic newspaper is one of the basicmaterials that can makes revolutionary of  new era.      Introductionof online news papers a new technology for digital paper .online news paper isone of the best e-paper that we can read all the news papers in differentlanguages and we can see the videos also of the content in the paper.

It isalso called as radio or smart way of paper. There will be the different newsin  different countries like area andregion wise, All the people will be busy in the morning with their works therewill be no time to read the news papers sometimes no money to buy the paper inthe morning in current  situations radiopapers will be helpfull, it is the  oneof the effective modes of communication that happen all around the world,it is weightless and we can  carry anywhere, we candownload the message what we want to readin the paper also we can read the paper number of times in a day wecan also see all the articals that envelop throught the world. We suggest usinga mix of search, visualization, natural language processing and to provide amore captivating, sticky news consumption experience.                  BasicRequirements                 a.

Functional Requirements1.    Login2.    Sports3.    Entertainment4.    Jobs5.    Share markets6.

    Crime7.    Etc…b. Software Requirements1.

    Java 2.    MySQL3.    Html C. Hardware Requirements1.    Windows 72.

    Ram -4gb3.    Rom- 50gb                    Scope   


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