Only mystique”, the article develops into a

Only a mad womenGood Room for improvementSummary Very good contents and coherence Avoid analysingNot everything is seen through her personal experience….Engaging the reader Well structured and well- argued analysis Lacks an introductory topic sentence conclusion Contains some good points… … but lacks some coherenceGood point about tone; but your analysis does not deal with tone….Language Very good fluency Link short sentences with and, but however etc.Task 1: The author of the article “Only a mad woman” is Liz Hodgkinson.

The article was published in May 2012. The article is a commentary mixed with a review, because while the author’s article is based on a review of Jessica Mann’s book “the fifties mystique”, the article develops into a commentary, where the author expresses her opinion and experience with woman in the fifties. The author comments on the vast difference between how women in the fifties are portrayed, and how it actually was.

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In the text it is emphasized how even though the women could look glamorous and feminine, they were all supressed by their husbands. Through the author’s personal experience, as a teen in the late fifties, we are told how the women struggled with life, and how men had it easy, thus portraying, what the author means is, the “grim reality” of the fifties. Task 2: The text starts of very sudden with the line: “Long red fingernails, fur coats, high heels and clouds of Chanel No 5,” which draws the reader, because it doesn’t immediately tell what the article is about, and therefore leaves the reader wanting more. Then we learn about the topic, and the discussions about this. The author further engages the reader by referring to the book “the fifties mystique”, that further backs up her point.

The author’s view on the problem becomes more interesting, when it is learned that she was six years old, in the beginning of the fifties, because that gives her more creditability. The author writes about her home situation, and how she was living in a nuclear family, but had a working mother, which was very uncommon for the time. The author makes the article interesting by writing about how her mother broke out of the typical role, a woman had in the fifties, when she opened her own flower shop. The author becomes more credible, when we learn that she has had firsthand experience with this. Furthermore the reference to the series “Mad men” is a very engaging element. By referencing and challenging a popular and known series, the author makes the article interesting, and also relatable, because the glamour image of the fifties gets shattered.

Task 3:The article “Only a mad woman” is an article targeted against the ordinary female reader. The author succeeds at this, because of the article’s feminist tone. Furthermore the author discusses the book “the feminine mystique” and the article’s title even has “women” in it, which again appeals to mostly women.

The article in its self, in my opinion, a good article at first glimpse. It discusses an important matter. But the article lacks sources and is not very formally written, and that does bring the credibility down.


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