Operations operations managers aim in place should serve

Operations Management is the development and operation of business practices and processes to deliver the highest level possible efficiency within the organisation. It is the essential discipline that drives the efficient conversion of all resources to deliver product and services efficiently to ensure maximum economic, environmental and social benefits.

(Institute of Operations Management, IOM)Operation management includes the comparable control for every industry or commercial enterprise irrespective of their nature of the operation. Planning, organizing, staffing, tracking controlling, directing and motivating are its substantial elements. Operation control is compulsory for companies to control the everyday activities seamlessly. In the present set up the way, a company handles its day-to-day operations has had the increasing effect on its long-term performance thus developing the field of operation strategy. The operations work in distinctive types of association. It identifies those as a relatable point situated about destinations with which operations managers aim in place should serve their customers.

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Nestlé managers at all levels are more concerned with leading and inspiring people to add value to the Company and society rather than with exercising formal authority. This calls for a high personal commitment of each employee and a common mindset geared towards results.


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