oppose about something they’ve seen, this is a

oppose discrimination. If discrimination takes place in a residential care it must be identified immediately so the individual doesn’t endure anymore suffering; for this to happen staff have to be trained on what to do if discrimination occurs. Challenging discrimination should be respectful; the attitude and behavior must be challenged not the individual themselves.

A higher authority must be made aware of any inappropriate language used, any colleagues demonstrating discrimination must be challenged by speaking to them to stop then tell manager to investigate and ensure that the discrimination is stopped. A difficulty that may arise whilst challenging or identifying discrimination is fear of being harassed by the individual who is discriminating or offending them. This fear or uncertainty can prevent them from speaking up about something they’ve seen, this is a problem because the issue won’t be dealt with and it could get worse.

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This can be overcome by using the whistleblowing policy which the residential care will have, this is an anonymous way the individual can report any discrimination they witness whilst being protected.


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