Orenthal led him to many opportunities. Orenthal

Orenthal James “O.J.

” Simpson, born July 9, 1947, in San Francisco, California. He is the son of Eunice Simpson and Jimmy Lee Simpson. He is a former NFL football player, actor, and broadcaster. He was often referred to as ‘the Juice’, his record-breaking career in football led him to many opportunities. Orenthal was a college football player at USC. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1968. After winning the Heisman Trophy, he had the Heisman, a big mansion and more money that he knew what to do with.

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He later enjoyed a record-breaking career in the NFL. Professionally he played with the ‘Buffalo Bills’ for eleven years as a running back. While being an outstanding record-breaking NFL player his popularity among his fans grew tremendously. When his popularity increased the more fame and fortune he demanded. Simpson married his high-school sweetheart, Marguerite Whitley, at 19 years old. Amid a successful actor and broadcasting career, Orenthal was charged with murder. Orenthal has a history of violence, cheating, and abuser.

Therefore with his history of violence, he was acquitted in a high-profile criminal trial for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, he was found guilty for their deaths in civil court.Orenthal James "O.J." Simpson Case StudyMarguerite L. Whitley, also known as Marguerite L.

Simpson was Orenthal’s first wife in 1967. Marguerite and Orenthal share three children, two daughters and, a son. Their daughter, Arnelle L. Simpson, born in 1968, the same year he won the Heisman Trophy. She was raised mostly by her mother although not long after the couple divorced in 1979, she stayed close with her father. Jason Simpson, born April 21, 1970, the second child of O.

J and Marguerite. He was tried and acquitted for the murders associated with his father. Aaren Lashone Simpson, born September 24, 1977, was the third child of O.

J and Marguerite. By the age of one, she jumped into a swimming pool and unfortunately fell into a coma. Later in 1979, Aaren died before the age of two. The couple divorced a few years later in 1991.

During their twelve-year marriage, there were never any reports about physical abuse on behalf of O.J. She encouraged the fact that O.J. had never hit her. “If he did, he would have got a frying pan upside his head”.Although in 1980, according to court documents, long after their divorce, Marguerite refused to move out of their Brentwood home. She was accused of threatening him with physical abuse, libel, slander, and to call the police.

One of the biggest frustrations that led to these controversies were O.J’s fame. “The price of fame was our biggest problem”.Later in 1992, she married a sales representative named, Antony Thomas. No one truly knows whether or not they are still together.Nicole Brown, later known as Nicole Brown Simpson was born in Frankfurt, West Germany on May 19, 1959. During her younger ages, she grew up in Southern California.

By 18, Nicole Brown had begun working as a waitress at the Daisy, a deluxe Beverly Hills club. During her time at the Daisy, she met O.J. Simpson, who was married at the time and in the years of a Hall of Fame football career. Nicole and Orenthal quickly started dating while he was divorcing his first wife. She and O.J seemed to define the California dream. In 1985, the couple got married and had two children, Sydney and Justin.

Sydney Simpson, born, October 17, 1985, is the youngest Simpson daughter. Justin Simpson born, August 6, 1988, was the first child of O.J.

and newlywed wife Nicole. The relationship between Orthernal and Nicole was very passionate, full-bodied and truly cared for one another. Many thought that their relationship was a joke, many realized that her former husband was the same obsessively jealous, possessive and a violent man. “When he was around, she would tense up”.

Nicole never spoke about her troubles with O.J., only when she was having a bad day.

She was not the type to talk about her feelings. She stayed with O.J.

for as long as she could because she did not have the self-worth, education or particular job skills. Five years later into their marriage O.J. had lunch with a nightclub singer, Jennifer Young, and other friends at La Scala, a Beverly Hills restaurant. Nicole spotted them and poured into a deep rage as the pair left La Scala.

In 1989, several years before he pleaded no contest to a spousal battery charge, the charge was filed after he allegedly hit her, kicked her, and told her “I’ll kill you”.Several times in the last few years of their marriage she called the police. Nicole Simpson’s friends and family noticed bruises and cuts located mostly on her arms and neck.

Later in 1989, the couple celebrated a New Year’s Eve party, and frantically Nicole telephone the police. When the police arrived to her Brentwood condominium she ran out of the bushes, yelling: “He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me!” She had a cut lip, a swollen black eye, a bruised cheek and a handprint on her neck”.Mrs. Simpson picked up on many different traits while married to O.J. Simpson. Allegedly she would dismiss these continuous beatings and say, “We had a fight.

We were both guilty. No one was hurt. It was no big deal, and we got on with our life”.

He expected her to cater him like an adoring fan and when she did not do the commands he became furious. While Nicole was still married to O.J. he was living a wild, single life.

O.J. wanted her to excuse his indiscretions. On October 15, 1992 their divorce was finalized. Even though their divorce was finalized the ex-couple could not stay away. After their divorce was settled they began to date. While their family was on vacation in Mexico O.

J and Nicole both discussed about remarriage even though he has pursued other women. Something about O.J’s attraction caused a friction that burned deeply inside her, but was private. Around midnight on June 12, 1994, she was killed which lead to layers of grace be taken away from friends and family. The murder of Nicole Brown Simpson lead many to believe that they did not know O.J. Simpson as well as they thought they had.

Ronald Lyle Goldman, born July 2, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Illinois. While living in Illinois, Ron and his younger sister Kim were raised by their father Fred after their parents divorced in 1974.

During high school, he was known as a kind, mature, skinny kid who played soccer and tennis. Goldman moved back to California where he was going to be attending college but later dropped out after a year of college. After dropping out of college he took on a numerous amount of different jobs trying to find himself. He was committed to his own health and fitness, he quite frequently attended the gym. Mr. Goldman, an occasional model was very liked by Nicole. While working as a waiter in the Los Angeles area he became friends with Nicole, the ex-wife of O.J.

Simpson. Goldman and Simpson were not close pals, but Simpson got to know him and let him drive her convertible Ferrari. Allegedly many thought that Ron Goldman and Nicole were having an affair while she was married to O.

J. But on June 12, 1994, 25-year-old Ron volunteered to return a pair of glasses Nicole had left at the restaurant earlier that day. He then had plans to meet up with a friend and go shopping later that evening but never made it there.On a dark night, around midnight, two people were brutally killed. Those two people were Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Nicole was O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife and Ronald Goldman was a friend of Nicole’s. Nicole’s children Sydney and Justin were upstairs in their bedrooms in their Brentwood condominium. Shortly after midnight, with Sydney and her young brother, Justin, still asleep, the bloody bodies of Nicole and Ronald were found on the pathway leading from the sidewalk. When the bodies were discovered Mr. O.J.

Simpson was on a plane to Chicago for a Monday business meeting. The morning of June 12, 1994, the bodies have not been seen by any pedestrians walking about until the neighbors’ dog pulled him towards Nicole’s condominium. “I could see the person was a lady, she was blond”.Once the bodies were found by the neighbor he called 9-1-1. The police arrived at the scene and found two bodies. According to police, Ron was stabbed more than 30 times. He is considered to be a bystander that stumbled across the attack on the victim Nicole.

He was found a few feet away from Nicole in the shrubbery. Nicole Brown was sprawled on steps of a walkway in from of the condominium a little after midnight. Police say, “Sharp-force injuries, such as stab wounds appear to have played a part in the deaths, but other causes had not been ruled out”.O.

J. was arrested the next day and charged with double homicide. Furthermore, police would not speak about this case to the public, declining all possible suspects.

The police could not identify O.J. Simpson as the killer until evidence was provoked.Four days after Nicole Simpson’s body was discovered, O. J. Simpson was being followed by the police.

Evidence led police to suspect O.J. Simpson of the murders of Brown and Goldman.The physical evidence was conclusive: Simpson’s blood was dropped at the murder scene, a ball cap with hairs matching his was found near the deceased bodies, one of Simpson’s leather gloves was laying between them and the matching glove was found outside of his house, still holding strands of the victims hair and blood stains. Footsteps covered in blood were investigated to match a size-twelve shoe and slightly pigeon-toed. Simpson was among nine percent of the population that wore a size-twelve shoe. The impressions from the shoe prints made at the murder seen were matched to Silga Sole, manufactured in Italy.

These shoes were upscale and a fortune. Simpson had photographs of him wearing Silga Sole’s with the identical sole. Simpson’s white Ford Bronco, parked outside his home on June 12, 1994, consisted of stained carpet from the impression of a bloody Silga Sole. A trail of O.J. Simpson’s blood was dropped all along his driveway, bedroom, and bathroom. Planting the blood was out of consideration, just like the blood at the crime scene, the blood was found long before investigators had draw some from his arm. He had cuts and bruises all over his arms and hands the exact day after the murders although he had no explanation on why he got them.

His socks were lying on his bedroom floor covered in not only his blood but Nicole’s. Blue black cotton fibers of a dark sweatsuit were found at both the crime scene and in Simpson’s home. Rare carpet fibers of the type used in Simpson’s white Ford Bronco were found on Nicole’s body.

His cuts, clothing, gloves, shoes, car, knife, house, ex-wifes blood, and Ronald Goldman’s blood. These all pointed to O.J. Simpson and no one else. Just before 6 p.

m, patrol officers spotted a white Ford Bronco headed south through Orange County. During the pursuit to track O.J. simpson on Interstate 5, the LAPD blocked traffic on the freeway and entrance ramps as Simpson and fellow friend Cowlings wound their way into Orange County. Simpson was trying to return to his Brentwood home.

During this horrific chase against Simpson and the police, fellow friend Cowlings was in the passenger seat and later contacted by the LAPD. The police were told that Simpson was in the back seat with a gun to his skull, he would never surrender and that he wanted to see his mother. While the police tried to get the white Ford Bronco to pull over TV news choppers broadcasting the astonishing spectacle. A blockade of twenty black and white squad cars came to a halt along the freeways from Disneyland to Los Angeles border. Many commuters jammed the overpass to cheer and wave at Simpson as he drove passed. Many pedestication held up huge signs screaming “Go O.J.

“.The disappearance of Simpson threatened to create public relations for the LAPD and the district attorney’s office. Sources had been saying all the evidence against O.j. was strong enough to warrant his arrest, the police held off, hoping to build a tight case before taking him into custody. The police were very unhappy with Simpson’s disappearance and stressed that police had not given Simpson special treatment in their handling of this investigation.

During the four days after the killings, the evidence steadily linked O.J. Simpson to the crimes.

Bloodstains on the walkway where the bodies were found matched his blood type. The two bloodstained gloves were eventually recovered and linked to Nicole’s blood. The trial of blood drops across his driveway, inside his home all matched to Nicole Simpson’s blood type. The blood evidence appeared to figure against O.J. because the rarest blood types are shared by many people. Simpson and Cowlings arrive at Brentwood home and begin negotiations for the surrender.

Police then issued and all-clear after taking Simpson into custody. The investigation still continues with the matter of is the evidence still good enough to carry on this case.The O.J.

Simpson murder case, later known as People of the State of California vs. Orenthal James Simpson was a criminal trial held at the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Orenthal James was tried on two counts of murder for the June 12, 1944, deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Lyle Goldman. They were both found stabbed to death outside Nicole’s condominium in Brentwood. Simpson was a person of interest for their murders. Simpson did not turn himself in, and on June 17 became an object of a low-speed pursuit in a white Ford Bronco on Interstate 5.

The white Ford Bronco belonged to Al Cowlings. TV stations covered and estimate audience of ninety-five million people. The pursuit, arrest, and trial were among the most publicized events in history. The trial, often known as Trail of the Century because of its national publicity. Opening statements were made on January 24, 1995, and the verdict was released October 3, 1995, when Simpson was acquitted on both accounts of murder.

O.J. Simpson pleaded not guilty of account for both murders. Following the counts of murder of O.

J no additional arrests or convictions related to the murders had been made. O.J. Simpsons was presented by a very high-profile defense team, also referred to as the ‘Dream team’. The LAPD believed to have had a strong case on Simpson. Johnnie Cochran, a representative of O.J. Simpsons convinced the jurors that there was reason to doubt the DNA evidence brought in for investigation.

The doubt theory included evenedice that the blood samples had allegedly been mishandled by lab scientists. He also included that it was some form of racism issues: a white cop vs. a black man. Simpson’s celebrity status, racial issues and televised trial brough int worldwide attention. Near the end of the trial, national surveys showed differences in Simpson’s guilt or innocence between black and whites. O.

J. Simpson was found not guilty by the district court and the jurors. After the trial, Brown and Goldman’s families filed a civil lawsuit against Simpson. On February 4, 1995, the jurors unanimously found O.J. guilty for both deaths. Both families were awarded compensatory and punitive damages.

On the night of Sept. 13, 2007, O.J. Simpson was found in an armed robbery at a Las Vegas, Nevada hotel. This criminal case prosecuted from 2007 through late 2008, in Nevada.

This criminal case involved former NFL football player and a group of close men. The room confrontation was over two sports memorabilia. The dealer of these sports memorabilia reported that a group of men broke into his hotel room and smashed the windows. He also reported that they stole various sports memorabilia at gunpoint. When Simpson was arrested later that night he quoted that the memorbilas were stolen from him. Three days later on September 16, 2007, O.

J. was arrested for an armed robbery and was held without bail. He admitted taking the items that were stolen, although he denied breaking and entering. He also denied the allegations that he and the group of men carried any weapons. The verdicts came thirteen years after murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Simpson was later found guilty of all ten charges. In 2008, Simpson was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison in for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Later in 2008, O.J. Simpson was granted parole. The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners to a vote unanimously in July that gave Simpson that right to be released from prison because he severed nine years out of a 33-year sentence. While on parole he was granted to be released from prison under certain circumstances. ” No drugs, no alcohol and State of Florida ‘objects’ “.Before his release on October 1, 2017, prison officials did an inventory check, he was offered to take items with him or leave them behind. He walked out of prison with paperwork and three or four boxes.

Inside of these boxes contained hot plates, clothing and shower shoes. O.J. simpson remains on parole and got released with only serving 9 years on the charge of double homicides and an armed robbery.


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