organizational because of management are few layers that

organizational structure: “Organizational structure is a formal outline of the managerial reporting relationships inside a company” (Ingram, 2018) organization structure is so important for any company to reach maximum productivity ,achieve goals and objectives Ariika uses flat organization structure which fewer management layers are actively sharing in making decision (Elon Musk, 2018) Ariika uses flat structure as it incur less expenses on salaries and wage and it gives them better team spirit because of management are few layers that boost interaction between employees in the company, It also helps company in decision as it become easier. Flat organization structure is used in ariika to encourage employees to become more productive and active and it helps the comments and feedbacks to reach to all personnel engaged in decisions making. It also helps in reducing the cost of salaries as there are few middle managements (soltan, 2018)It shows that span of control of the company is wide; every department is different from another it depends on the needs of this department. For example marketing department can need employees more than HR department. Ariika is centralization structure as the authority to make decisions is depended on the approval of top management; flat organization needs managers taking responsible for achievements or failure.

Chain of command is high as the chain may only consist of employees to a manager to the CEO or to owner directly making for a very short chain of command. Vision: To be the first innovative and fashionable seating solutions brand in the Middle East region. Mission:To add comfort, fashion and practicality to people’s everyday life they want to provide a high quality of products aiming to extreme customer satisfaction and benefit from the eco-friendly technologies and achieve our employees highest prospect of professional progress to obtain organizational excellence in a safety environment and achieve continual growth that assure long-life customer relationships as well as improving the return to our society and stakeholders and hold their position at the front of bean bags business (soltan, 2018). It directs the company to its goals and objectives; it makes ariika more unique than another organizations. Their vision shows that ariika aims to make people life more comfortable and happiness.Goals and objectives: Ariika goals are expanding portfolio by Entering new markets and expanding existing markets through continuous product development and to produce unique products that attract bean bags customers which are easy to carry with anywhere and to make production suitable for market needs by producing different shapes and sizes of bean bags and to make production suitable for market needs by producing different shapes and sizes of bean bags.

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They aims to geographical expansion which lead to business growth, increase sales and to make brand name stronger by export their products to other countries and opening new stores in different places


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