Otago Polytechnic Auckland Assesment 1 Contemporary Issue in Hotel Industry Submitted by

Otago Polytechnic Auckland
Assesment 1
Contemporary Issue in Hotel Industry
Submitted by : Ram Narayan , Manpreet Singh, Himanshu
Submitted to : Patti
Group Name : South Auckland
About Queenstown :According to Trip Advisor Queenstown is located in southern island of New Zealand. It is surrounded by mountain and shore of clear lake Wakatipu. It’s natural beauty make it perfect region for holidays. It has many glacier, rivers and lakes.
Events like :- Art and culture, winter festival are celebrate best in Queenstown.

CITATION Tri l 5129 (Trip Advisor, n.d.)Things to do :According to 100% pure New Zealand there are various things to do.

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1 Queenstown Skyline :People can experience Queenstown skyline travelling from high above and can enjoy view of southern alps and lake Wakatipu.

2 Queenstown Trail :People can also enjoy beautiful trails by doing cycling.

3 Historic ; Picturesque Arrowtown :It is situated on banks of Arrow river and established in 1860s. It is 20 minutes drive from Queenstown.

4 Valley of Vines :Gibbson valley is located just 20 minutes from Queenstown. It has variety of vineyards, restraunrant and café.

5 Scenic Flight :People can use helicopter and view natural beauty of grassland, snow capped mountains.

6 Bungy Jump :It has world’s first and most famous bungy jump. People who love to do adventure will love to do it.

CITATION 100 l 5129 (100% pure New Zealand, n.d.)Stats :Queenstown Airport passanger history
Year Domestic International Total
2016 6,18,765 2,57,885 8,76,650
2017 7,08,885 2,81,001 9,89,856

According to Grant Bryant Queenstown is a international tourist attraction , with more than 1.8 millon international guest recorded in 2013 by statistic New Zealand. CITATION Gra14 l 5129 (Bryant, 2014)According to Destination Queenstown , Queenstown tourism industry given stats that annual tourism expenditure is $2 billon in 2016. Their was 15% increase from previous year.

CITATION Des16 l 5129 (Destination Queenstown, 2016) Financial Ratio :According to financial occountancy. Org it is used to asses the financial performance and determine the financial position of organisation its profitability, liquidity, activity and liverage.

Benefits :It help in calculating the performance trend over long period.

It is used to know about problems and weak area with their strong points.

CITATION Fin15 l 5129 (Financial occuntancy. org, 2015)Before starting any business we need to look how much amount we need to spend on the particular business and how will we recover such big amount having profit , can only be determined by using financial ratio.

Kinds of Data used to make good decision :Peest Analysis :According to PESTLE analysis PEEST stand for political, economic, environment, social and technology. These helps us to determine how these factor can affect our business.

Political :This factor tell us about the rule made by the local government regarding tax, safety and employment laws.

If we need to start our business we need to take permission by have legal contract of land by paying regular tax and making sure their will we no harm to any human, animal or environment.

Economic :This factor help us to understand interest rate, GDP and unemployment rate.

Social :This factor help us to know about region and neighbourhood.

For example: If we see population decreasing in neighbour, then demand for house will decrease and finally property rate will fall down.

Technological :This factor tell us that technology can make both positive and negative impact.

We need to see what type of technology will we helpful to make success in our business. CITATION PES13 l 1033 (PESTLE analysis, 2013)SWOT:
According to Mind Tools is used to understand strengths and weakness, and also tell us about both opportunities and threats to face by us in new business.

Strenghts :We need to know from both points of view of our customer what they demand and abut people who are already in this market.

For example :If our competitor is providing high quality product , this doesn’t means that our competitor strength is high quality product but it is necessity for the customer.

Weakness :When we start our business we need to look at the area were we are weak and how we can improve it. Suppose we have low quality product so definetly we need to provide high quality product to remain in the business.

Opportunities :We can see oppurtunties from changes in technology which we help us to expand our business. We can do online booking for people so that they don’t need to rush to agent for booking.

Threats :Threats are their in every business but we need to face it and take possible steps to abolish it.Decision making process :When we decide to start any business , we take advice of the person who is already doing the same business and also doing research ourself.

We need to know about how much amount is require to start the business and in how much time we can recover that amount.

We will also look that if our business become successful , can be expand it in future to get more profit.

We also need to know that is that business attract the customer or not.

Tools used to indentify trend :Disruptive Technology :According to Margaret Rouse, when a new technology replace the old one and help the people to do work quickly and correctly is known as disruptive technology.

For example :Typewriter are replaced by computer , that has made our work easy.

E mail changed the way of communicating by displacing the letter.

CITATION Mar18 l 5129 (Rouse, 1999 – 2018)Impact on Hotel Industry :According to Brigitta Carter, customer expectation are increasing by technology and power of internet. It is seen in every industry and a lot on hotel industry.

1 Automating Check In :Hotel are making use of technology by mobile check in and check out, this make easy for customer without rushing towards front desk office. This will help us to reduce the load work of front desk office by have minimum number of staff in this department.

2 Keyless Entry :
Now a days in many hotels swipe card are used instead of key, which made it esay for customer and hotel. It will save amount for spending to make lock and keys.

3 Technology to save energy :Many hotels are now saving energy and using environment sustainability program.This will reduce the bills of electricity and save large amount.

Starwood’s environment goals were launched in 2009 and pledge to cut energy usage by 30% and water by 20% upto 2020 globally.

4 Robotics Trend :Travel weekly, recently reported on Americas Lodging investment Summit, where they told that robot are now going to claen rooms and deliver guest services instead of staff.

CITATION Bri17 l 5129 (Carter, 2017)References
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