Ottoman Empire, and how significant were they today?”

Ottoman Empire was one of the biggest empires during the Middle Ages which achieved a lot of great achievements. This essay will be talking about “How great were the achievements of the Ottoman Empire, and how significant were they today?” The achievements of the Ottoman Empire are like God to the people who lived during those times. These achievements give life to the citizens of the Ottoman Empire and citizen of the other empires.Ottoman Empire was an empire created by the Turkish tribes in Anatolia (Asia Minor) which grew to be one of the mightiest, strongest, most powerful empire during the 15th and 16th century. The word “Ottoman” came from a leader of the Sö?üt tribe, Osman, who declared the independence of the Seljuk Turks in 1299.

It was a Muslim culture that includes and adjust to the other cultures from the nations and made it into their own culture. Ottoman Empire was founded at 1299 and existed for around 600 years. It existed until 1922 and is one of the most long lasting empire during that time. There are a lot of achievements achieved by Ottoman Empire during the middle ages. One of their greatest achievements is the artillery based gunpowder and the muskets, which they use to defeat their opponents or enemies. It also helped them expand their empires faster, which lead them to their greatest achievement, which is how powerful and big their empire grow into. The Ottoman Empire conquered a lot of Middle Eastern countries and Southern European nations.

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The reason behind this is because they had a good military. It was composed of people from countries or nations they had conquered and they had a great success with this army. Since they are an Islamic nation, they also spent a lot of time to change Christian people and people of other beliefs into Islamic people. Especially the Christian slaves, they trained them when they were young and trained them for their military Ottoman Empire was also known for its poetries, which was mostly influenced by the old Persian traditions. Their architecture was influenced by the Byzantine, Persian, Greek and Islamic buildings. Their decorative arts are greatly influenced by the Persian arts.

Their cuisines are also known to be a melting pot of different culture’s own cuisine. Ottoman Empire’s achievements are really great and creative. But, it was rarely used now, since the things that they achieved are mostly used for war, such as weapons. These things are rarely used now, because most countries already declared their independence, which means there will be no war in that country. So, people do not usually use it anymore, but they preserve it. They preserve it in different museums, so people get to see how an artillery based gunpowder looks like, how their muskets look like and others. It is not just weapons that they preserve in the museum, they also preserve their poetries, artifacts and others.


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