“Our people disagree with the fact of

“Our compassion and fairness are a source of great pride for Canadians”, proudly stated by Citizenship and Immigration of Canada on its refugee system. There is no doubt that Canada has been a leader in refugee resettlement programs. Its outstanding and effective protection for Vietnamese “boat people” after Vietnam war gained Canada great respect from global community, and ever since, Canada is known as the most “refugees-friendly” country in the world. While some people disagree with the fact of allowing more refugees in Canada, Canada should allow more refugees for resettling which will improve the image of Canada internationally and will help the people who are suffering.

Canada is one of those countries where you can find people all over the world coming from different cultures and minorities which is the strongest part of this country where you see the brotherhood of different countries. However, the past glory does not reflect the status of Canada’s refugee resettlement. When facing the largest humanitarian crisis in our generation with regards to refugees, a great leadership is found in Canada.Why Canada is not leading the world this time? The problem is the insufficient support the private sponsors receive from Immigration offices, which put Canada’s asylum at a disadvantage position in the competition with other host countries. Canadian government relies on private sponsors to achieve its resettlement goal, but restriction that imposes on sponsor groups clearly did not help with the situation. As the critical part of bridge that connects refugees and Canadian government, the number of sponsors is significantly shrinking due to the backlog of files the offices are encountering.

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The reducing of the sponsor groups will certainly lead to less opportunity for refugees in the light of escaping the war-torn country and coming to Canada. C


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