Our follow-up example. The leader who is

Our culture is only successful if all parties involved in the implementation as if the government institutions alone will not be sufficient to create good citizens equipped with ethical values and democratic culture. Instead, it should also be supported by the teachings of other stakeholders, namely family, religious institutions, civil society organizations, media and other institutions (Mulugeta, 2015). Besides emphasizing religion and moral education, our youth should be guided to work charitable and social services, such as cooperation, visiting welfare homes of elderly and orphans, collecting donations to assist victims of natural disasters and engaging in diverse voluntary activities. The most effective measure is that the government, through the leaders chosen by our society today, must be a follow-up example. The leader who is courteous, friendly and friendly all the time is not just when the election should be an example. If the leader is busy with a fight and accused of using a language that is unhealthy to hear, then that will be the follower of his followers.

Leadership by example will make the 11-year-old campaign re-breathing as usual (FMT, 2016). The campaign to foster public awareness of these noble values is very important as young people have begun to forget about them, (Anne Barron, 2012). Based on the behavior and attitude of many Malaysians, we have no choice but to step up efforts to inculcate the responsible attitude and politeness of the people among the people and make it way of life. Do not let Malaysians think they can only work hard to change the government but fail to fulfill their civic responsibilities to ensure that people practice noble values.

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