Our religion preaches fundementals of

Our religion preaches fundementals of doing as Jesus would, enjoying life, and not performing grave sins. One of which would include taking the life of others.

The bible states that each of us have a right to live from the stages you begin to develop until death. The detail of the teachings explain that a person is living is living from the time of an embryo. All forms of abortion are religiously, and morally wrong as it kills a fetus that is developing, breathing, and moving. In an abortion, we try to deny God’s destiny, desires, and visions through his creations.

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We are blessed to receive the gift of life, though some take advantage and reject one others opportunity. Our future and afterlife are played with while interviewing to harm one others path achieving a deadly sin. There is no acceptance or opportunity to choose the death of a helpless fetus. Life is begun with the goal of being good as God creates man in the image and dream he desires. Therefore the human is a reflection of Gods glory through his glory is violated upon. The 10 Commandments are deemed to be true by God. True to God is central value of “thou shall not kill”. Abortion is a straight out negligence of the sixth Commandment.


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