Outline encourages them to thrive in their

Outline different viewpoints around an issue of public concern relevant to the sectorDescribe how being supported to live at home can benefit an individualLiving in your own home is important to everyone, at any age or ability. It allows us to live how we want to live, and allows us to be independent in our own lives.Needing support at home ensures;• The individual can take more control over their own routine within the house.

• Friends and family visit more comfortably• The individual is more comfortable and happy.• They can stay close to what is familiar.• They can retain their independence.• An individual can take control over their routine outside of the home, support workers can ensure appointments, social events and basic needs such as shopping and food preparation is completed with the individual in mind.

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Basically, having support can greatly benefit an individual because its less disruptive to the individual which means their overall well-being is positive. Which in turn helps their physical ability and encourages them to thrive in their own home.


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