Over pay more taxes to provide free education

Over the past decades, free education that should all be paid by the government has been a great controversy. As what has been said above, education can change the world, it is the most powerful weapon that a person can have to reach his success.

However, it should be free since there are lots of poor Filipinos who don’t get a chance to study even if they are smart, intelligent and capable but they are given no chance at all. If you were at the situation of a poor Filipino child, how would you feel knowing that you have no bright future just because you are not given the opportunity? While finishing school will give you a lot of chances to get good jobs and career. One of the factors of free education is the economic growth, if everyone gets a job that has good salary, then they will contribute to our society by paying taxes and it can improve our country, On the contrary, free education shouldn’t free because it means that our country would have to pay more taxes to provide free education and people are not okay with this idea.

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However, we will get an average education if the tax doesn’t increase. Moreover, no one would get a low-paid job if everyone will be educated. For example, an ex CEO would rather stay at home, unemployed, than to be a taxi driver. Furthermore, I still think that free education will be the best option for our economy. It can be very risky at first since people have to pay more taxes to provide schools and good quality educations for all and for free but in the end, it is still us who will benefit from it. It can give brighter future not only to a person itself but also the country.


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