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Over the years, diversity, technology, and innovation have become important for improving performance within a company. Innovation is a vital component during execution of change strategies. Diversity in the workplace is likely to increase because of cultural differences. The changing demographic composition of the workforce, the expectations of ethical conduct, plus the pressure from a global marketplace are compelling more and more organizations to deal with employee diversity. There is a need to encourage diversity, encourage innovation and improve technology in a company.

All these are necessary for enhancing the performance of an organization (Ravazzani, S. (2016). Role of InnovationInnovation refers to the process of creating a more effective products, process, and ideas.

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For many organizations, this means implementing new ideas, or improving services. Innovations bring an incentive for the success of a business and help the business to grow in the marketplace. It can also aid in adapting to changes in the environment and changing the business model to deliver better services and products. Innovation is necessary to the processes and tasks in the business world.

Organizations are continuing to improve and change to the market trends (Business, 2016). There is a lot in jeopardy for a company when an innovative environment is not created which is vital for an organization. Employees at all levels of an organization should encourage innovation and creativity. When employees are motivated to be created, and innovative the organization’s productivity and performance will increase the competitive advantages of companies in the same market.

Businesses that are innovative are flexible to the changes that will occur in the external environment which will allow them to react faster and efficient to avoid risks and to capture opportunities in the marketplace (Afie, 2006).From a manager’s perspective employees who are innovative are more motivated and more involved in the activities in the organization. To improve the environment in the workplace, organizations should encourage the employees to be more innovative to boost the overall job satisfaction.

Empowering and encouraging employees to be active will lead to a strong sense of teamwork and community. This will ensure that employees are aware of the strategies in the organization and its goals. Promoting an innovative work environment management will see value through the increase department morale, creativity, and team work from all employees. Managers can use the top-down approach, by starting with the big picture through communicating, sharing decision making, and thinking process with employees the performance data and activities of the organization.

When employees are brought in on the process, management will provide the support, tools, training and development that are needed. There is no innovation without creativity. Creativity is the ability for employees to come up with new ideas where innovation is the implementation of these new ideas. Management that supports their employees’ innovative creativity will fit well into the organization (Guzley, 1994). Organizations should always encourage employees to find new solutions, think outside the box and enabling them to access the resources to explore and analyze new ideas.

Allotting timeframes for employees to be creative and explore their ideas is beneficial in the workplace as creativity will improve the growth process for team members and the company.Managing DiversityA decision was made to move our operations from Miami, Florida due to the geographical environment has a more cultural, and ethnic diversity in comparison to the location in Topeka, Kansas. By moving from one state to another this will continue to expand our footprint across the country and creates opportunities for our existing team members and potential hires. Managing a diverse group of employees can be challenging however, there are several different ways organizations can effectively manage team members.

We will work to inspire all employees to perform at their highest ability. It’s important to learn how to effectively communicate especially if there are cultural and language barriers and to work with those employees whom may be resistance to change. Attempting to mitigate less impact in the beginning will be beneficial in the long run. Other ways to manage a diverse group of employees would be to involve everyone in formulating and executing diversity initiatives within our organization by encouraging team members to express their ideas and opinions. In addition, the trainings, development and resources will be tailored to encompass all team members’ diversities.The organization will focus more on diversity and look for ways to become more flexible and work together in an inclusive environment. Diversity means we will welcome all employees and customers of different genders, ethnic upbringings, religious, and different sexual identities together for a proactive contribution to the organization.

The company leaders will be trained on how to successfully manage a diverse workplace. Managing diversity should be the role of and culture and should be done by hiring and promotion policies, and the quality of experience (Business, 2016). With this change, we will work with our human resource department to ensure the hiring process and promotion polices can improve the performance of all employees. Issues surrounding ethnical background, gender, and personal characteristics will not be tolerated in the workplace and starting with the human resource department.

To manage a more diverse work environment, human resource will be task with providing more trainings and development for all staff members which will help build equality in the organization. The human resource will plan for training of all the employees within and will encourage communication and interaction during and after these training sessions (Guzley,1994). Individuals who are applying for employment will be considered based on the candidate’s experience and said set of skillsets within the field.

The gender, age, and ethnicity, etc. of an individual will not be a factor during our hiring process. Management will encourage diversity by creating teams within the organization. The creation of teams will enable every employee to utilize their knowledge and skills. After implementing policies that reflect balance, the long term goal will ensure annual trainings and development for everyone to ensure a diversify organization. If there is any discrimination reported it should be taken seriously all employees will be valued and treated equally. All situations will be reported and invested to the fullest.

Technology Implementation of changeTechnology is an important factor for implementing change within our organization. Technology can improve the communication at all levels of employees working for the Company. Information technology in workplace represents a change process for team members to adapt to new work strategies and methods.When introducing new technology into the organization, the business operations are enhanced therefore the company can compete in today’s market place. Having improved technology will encourage increased productivity in employees. As a result of innovative technological software that has been introduced into the market many organizations are doing better regarding profit making. Implementing new technology is beneficial within the organization as a performance enhancer and in the eyes of the customer. The organization will be at an advance with updating the technology to stay competitive.

Management will have a better handle on the business through the new technology through analyzing, reports and tracking.The change implemented using technology is usually complex and one that is difficult to process. For recruiting a more diverse staff technology such as social media websites can be used to send job notifications of specific group of people that belong to a specific culture, race, religion or gender. This will encourage the group members to participate in the selection process. Another use of technology can be to unite a diverse workforce. Technology such as Skype or other chat software that provide a private chatroom space can be used to create a chatroom for all the members in the team so that different team members can communicate and interact with each other. Modern workforce is well aware about the instruments of technology such as desktops, laptops, and smart phones.

To implement any change provides the diverse workforce online training tutorials on how to cope with the upcoming change. Employees will also be provided with a discussion forum where concerns can be addressed. A proper use of technology allows companies to calculate the progress of employees and how consistent they are with the online training. Leadership will ensure that the right person from HR or T;D will have access to the company’s relevant documents and information. The proper secured based program will be purchased and utilized to stop the compromise of network software and applications The Host team will ensure that the more secured apps are downloaded and use on a daily basis. With introduction of this new app the employees will be motivated to utilize their time in other aspects of the organization. Less time is wasted, and faster service will be provided to the customers. The improvement in communication has allowed employees to facilitate partnership from all business units.

Benefits and OpportunityA diverse workforce will lead to the growth of the company. This is due to the generation of new ideas which are used in problem solving. It is easy to resolve any issues that a company is likely to go through and employees from different cultures/backgrounds can be in charge of the facilitating necessary meeting to keep everyone on track. The more innovative the employees are, the more they are always willing to think outside the box which is a benefit for the organization. A diverse workforce also creates recruitment power that would bring in the best and brightest candidates with great ideas. When individuals feel that diversity is a priority they become even more attracted to the opportunities which are available in a company. The more diverse workforce will also lead to better productivity.

The utilization of the different skills will help every employee become very productive. Diversity encourages more enthusiasm during working among a workforce. When there is a diverse grouping of the employees a company is always in a position to offer more to its team members and/ or the business customers.

Understanding various cultural customs makes a company more appealing to diversified customer base that creates a competitive ability for the organization. With competitive ability, it is easy for a company to obtain high profits. High profits are always the aim of every organization.

It also helps reduce changes of discrimination due to cultural difference even religious differences since individuals can build healthy relationships with one another during the time of work. Creating a healthy atmosphere is a benefit to the nation too because it strengthens unity it also contributions to reducing the people’s view that there are inferior groups. It helps people learn how to treat people with equality.

A diverse workforce also drives in the economy. A nation economy is likely to grow when individuals enter the workforce. This includes the women and the ethnic and the racial groups since they are most times regarded to as the minority groups. They lead to growth in the gross domestic income of a particular nation.

Diversity also helps to reduce employee’s turnover. The businesses that are in a position to foster a diverse workforce stand the chance of suffering high turnover rates. This is compared to the company, which values diversity. Failure to retain employees who are often qualified results in costs that are turnover related to the expenses of the profits of a company.ConclusionOur organization has experienced many changes and improvements over the years. Encouraging innovation and creativity will remove barriers and transform the culture within. Training and developing employee not be resistance to a more diverse workforce but to be more resourceful and resilient will definitely be a positive growth initiative. The changes in technology and adjusting to new cultural and diverse locations will improve the work performance of all employees.

Their productivity will improve and enable them to put more focus on important things such as growth, innovative ideas and creativity. ReferencesRavazzani, S. (2016). Understanding approaches to managing diversity in the workplace: An empirical investigation in italy. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 35(2), 154-168. 10.

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