humor about white people has

Over the years, humor about white people has been an ongoing trend by people of every color.

There is a remarkable change on how humor about white people was portrayed back in the 1990s to how it is described now; there are few examples and reasoning on what sparked that change in the world of comedy and what caused it to become so significant. Caucasian Comedy has changed from being an offensive category to obliging category. Usually, most of the jokes in Caucasian Comedy were based on their culture- be it the British or Americans. In fact, in the sitcom ‘Friends,’ one scene shows jokes being made about an American turned British lady by two of the protagonists- Monica and Phoebe, who are Americans. In the episode ‘The One with Ross’s Tan,’ season 10, the ex-roommate of Monica and Phoebe- Amanda, who had moved to London, had recently come back for a visit in New York and wanted to meet up. But it turned out that none of them liked her because of her recently picked up annoying characteristics, according to them. Despite their numerous attempts of avoiding her and cutting her off, she managed to meet them and was talking in a ‘fake’ British accent that she claimed to be real and declared that her smell was all her and not any perfume. She even ridiculed herself to Chandler by performing a ‘British dance’ that she learned all by herself.

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With her fake British accent, she said “Oh bugger … I feel like an arse”, to which Phoebe replied, ‘In America, you’re just an ass.’ (8:00) This provided the best example of irony about how white comedy works- it can be presented by someone white


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