Over their study, there has been little

Over the many fields that use ‘interactivity’ in their study, there has been little agreement over what the term truly defines and means, despite all relating to study and interaction with technology and computers with a user interface. A user interface allows people to interact with the software/technology with ease and can allow you to access things a lot easier than by writing by hand. Interactivity between human and technology is extremely useful for young people and students that need to save work and research, as it allows multiple things to be done at once and can allow users to get a lot more done efficiently. As well as interaction with a user interface, interactivity can also occur human to human, and communication face to face is just as important as using tech for work knowledge.

It can be unhealthy to just use technology, as it can wear people down and even have long term effects of poor social skills, anxiety and even depression due to exhaustion. By communicating face to face with other people, it can allow ideas and information to be shared amongst one another that each person would of found due to technology, as well as groups and small handfuls of people to come up and create original ideas and points from scratch. These ideas can be noted and written using interactivity with a user interface, as it can store and save multiple things and keep them in the same place or where ever they are chosen to be placed. However they can also be written by hand, but really it depends on how the user chooses to store their work. Both these interactivities can be combined, and so the user can have both notes on paper as well as stored on the computer. Combining the two can help and has helped me personally as I have written rough notes and ideas on paper and have later adapted them through word documents and google documents in further and greater detail. You can also look back and change and edit your work on a computer at any time and delete and undo things, however with notes and paper you cannot.

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This is why it is good to have rough notes written up on a computer so they can be saved, edited and progressed later on.Both types of interactivity have their weaknesses too; writing by hand on paper can run the risk of possibly losing the papers or having them ruined by something, whereas files stored on a computer can be kept safe as they’re not something you have to keep with you physically. However, technology can sometimes be unreliable and so the computer or files may crash or get corrupted/damaged somehow through the process, although it is highly unlikely when using a software such as google docs. Google docs allows the user to save their work without actually clicking save. Everytime a change occurs or something is typed or inserted into the document, it automatically saves everything. This means the tab or document can be closed at any time or if it crashes, it will save everything automatically.

Other user interfaces such as Word however, do not. The work must be saved manually by the user, and if closed without saving the document every time you make a major change the work will not be saved overall.For filmmakers, user interfaces are extremely useful, as technology is what allows the pictures to be filmed. Once things have been filmed and recorded (including sound) the files are all stored digitally and can be accessed easily.

Some files can be found easier than others, as some can be saved under a specific name you assign it and you can choose where you want it to go within the files. Other files however automatically save under an already named file, and so it can be quite difficult to find if other things are saved under the same name. Once files have all been saved and processed, interactivity on a user interface is active once again with editing. Editing programmes allow the user to edit and look back on the raw files that were recorded and filmed, and can allow changes and improvements to be made with different tools on the programme. Personally I think technology interface is extremely important and has helped and allowed filmmakers and students to create what we see today.

However, human interface and social contact plays an important role, as without it ideas wouldn’t be created and be improved upon. A mixture of the two are vital in order to create and improve.


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