Overall, and the racism he faced while playing

Overall, Saul’s realized that the love of playing hockey that once allowed him to gain freedom and escape the misery and frustration for a while. Through the beatings within the Residential school and the racism he faced while playing hockey, we are able to see how Saul was affected both internally and externally to all innocent victims of the priests and nuns. At such an early age Saul was forced to face various types of adversity and his worst fears which created long-lasting effects on his life. With every sentence and every chapter, you become familiar with the incredible the stability and durability of the young Saul inside or out of Residential School. Moreover, the author conveys that staying true to your roots is what will get you through life’s obstacles despite temptations which may veer you from hiding your true self. This novel also represents that hockey is not merely a sport, but has the capacity to bind us together as a family that sticks together. No matter what colour your skin or where you come from, it is the love of the game that shows us that we really are not that different after all. We are just one to deal all the challenges in life.


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