OverviewFounded been instances where consumers have confused SODIC

OverviewFounded in 1996, SODIC is one of Egypt’s leading real estate development companies. SODIC brings to the market award- winning large scape developments, meeting Egypt’s even growing need for high quality housing, commercial and retail spaces.  It endeavours to create meticulously planned and designed human developments that redefine the real estate market by constantly pushing the envelope with regards to quality of life, customer satisfaction and return on investment. SODIC’s Opportunity:The aspect of technology and digitisation of businesses is still quite a new concept in the Egyptian market and not many business are aware or have managed to reap the benefits of the digitisation process, SODIC included. Therefore,  there are many areas of improvement that could be undertaken in terms of the digitalisation of the customer journey for clients as well as digitalisation of the company as a whole.Objectives:Digitising the customer’s sales experience when they come to purchase a home through the development of a SODIC mobile application as well as using VR and AR capabilities.

Renovating the corporate website and social media platforms to connect and engage with customers on a more personal level. Cultivating and building long- term relationships with clients (tailoring communications to clients based on real time big data analytics)Implementing systemic changes to the business to encourage a digitally minded culture in the office, making ‘digital’ a part of the core business strategy and this will then have a trickle down effect on customers.Customer Journey Phases Awareness:SODIC needs to focus on generating more awareness within its target market and increase its reach with clients, as there have been instances where consumers have confused SODIC with other developers. For this reason, SODIC can circumvent this issue by increasing its online digital presence and capitalise on its reputation to restate its presence in the market.

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Attraction: SODIC needs to tailor its advertising communications to clients in all relevant social media platforms on a personal level  to make them feel valued. For instance, if SODIC knows certain customers are interested in specific types of homes they could target their communications accordingly. Also, SODIC needs to actively create updated online content that engages and educates consumers about their product offerings, as well as share market trends and answer consumer questions effectively to help them during the decision making process.Purchase:The most important reasons as to whether a client will make a purchase or not is based on whether or not they had a positive experience throughout the purchasing process. Several factors come into play, these include but are not limited to: personalisation, ease, convenience, comfort, attitude of personnel and price.

Through the digitisation of the sales experience and the SODIC mobile application, SODIC property consultants will be able to offering customers all the factors they need to make a purchase and go home feeling happy and satisfied.Relations/Service:SODIC needs to be open with customers in terms of providing information when needed. It needs maintaining effective presence and personalised communication with customers that tells a story about the brand to build long term relationships.SODIC needs to continue to differentiate itself from competitors.

An innovative way to do this would be to revamp the client sales experience by digitising the process using a SODIC mobile application as well as through AR and VR.Loyalty:In order to maintain its loyal customers, SODIC’s focus needs to be about fostering long-term customer relationships through providing exclusivity through offers, experiences, and  establishing a community atmosphere in their projects  rather than just hard-selling of products. Retention:Customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition, hence the development of the following retention strategies can be implemented: customer follow up programs, loyalty/rewards program, incentives etc. by building a relationship with clients this will also lead to potential referrals and simultaneous word-of-mouth marketing.

 Digitalisation of the Customer Journey Phase:Attraction: Revamp of  the Corporate Website and Social Media Platforms:Corporate Website: SODIC’s current corporate website is very inefficient. It is not user friendly and feels quite cluttered, it is currently very difficult for consumers to find what they need.  It should be upgraded be visually appealing and to allow customers to quickly browse for information with simplicity and ease.To do this, they can use data they have gathered from their customer database (through the mobile application as well as online) to customise the site experience.

They can also introduce a ‘chat bot’ into the website to offer real time assistance. Social Media Platforms: SODIC should focus its social media strategy on ‘story-telling’  , tell the story behind the SODIC  brand and build a personal relationship between the customer and the brand, rather than merely focusing on hard selling. Purchase and Relations/ ServiceDigitising the Sales Experience: Rather than just showing them generic floorplans of their homes at the sales centres, clients can be lead to a VR/AR room where they can essentially enter into their new homes and walk around to get a ‘realistic’ feel of it. The technology will also offer customers the ability to design their homes with their own furniture etc. to give it a more personal feel.SODIC Mobile ApplicationPayments can be done through SODIC’s mobile application ensure ease and efficiency. The application will also include a construction viewer service that offers on demand progress requests of their individual homes, until the day of delivery.

Within 3 days, homeowners will receive updated images and videos of the progress of their units. During launches, clients who request certain units can  be put directly in touch with a sales team member. Anyone that shows interest will be emailed materials/ brochures on the project of interest to increase the chance of him/her being a successful lead. The app will also analyse for the most promising leads and notify the sales department to prioritize time and manage staff accordingly.Data:For SODIC, data collection is key and can be used as a technique to cultivate and building long- term relationships with customers.Collect and gather customer data when clients visit the sales center, website (finding out what they click on and their pages of interest), social media platform activity or their SODIC app profiles.

 SODIC can create an extensive database which will help when tailoring communication with clients based on real time big data analytics (ex. Sending them exclusive offers based on their preferences). This will all help to understand and meet customer’s changing needs and demands more effectively as well as providing personalized advice and responses to questions.Lean Actions To Develop:Integration of AR/VR Technologies into the Sales Experience- to allow customers to get a ‘virtual’ tour and feel like they are in their future homes.Development a SODIC mobile application: Other than simplifying the lead- generation/ purchasing process/construction viewer progress for homeowners,  the application will also contain up to date, relevant information about everything that is happening at SODIC (events, launches etc.)Integration of Online Project Management Platforms – to expedite workflows between SODIC teams and departmentsAnalytics:In terms of analytics, SODIC should do the following:Analyze demand for homes versus the percentage of leads that have lead to a successful purchase.

Analyze the number of clients SODIC currently has and how many are repeat customers.Analyze the number of clients who return to make a new purchase or sell their homes.Analyze the number of refferals received.

Analyze the positive and negative feedback  made online through website and social media platforms regarding customer experiences at SODICAnalyze the percentage of positive and negative feedback received by SODIC customer service representatives.Culture:As per the above objectives, SODIC needs to Implement systemic changes to the business to encourage a digitally minded culture in the office, making ‘digital’ a part of the core business strategy and this will then have a trickle down effect on customers.This could be done in the following ways:Support of top management in SODIC in promotion of a digital culture, supporting of all digital efforts SODIC would like to undertake.The vision behind the integration of  online project management needs to be clearly communicated so staff will welcome it.Hiring staff that have a digital, customer-centric mindset to encourage innovation and a ‘digital atmosphere’Rethinking the performance metrics of the organisation leaders must now have ‘digital leadership’ as part of their competencies.

Employees can also be evaluated on their ‘digital’ value and performance as part of their yearly performance appraisals.SODIC needs to be able to deal with ‘change resistors’ in order to integrate digital transformation successfully into the company.SODIC needs to ensure continuous effective communication about the digital transformation takes place, through all levels of the organisation. SODIC needs to continuously adapt and respond to ongoing digital changes in its internal and external environment and thus, align its business accordingly.


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