Ownership American community. Individuals who are unable to

Ownership applies to both tangible and intangible objects.

Owning a physical and intangible object represents an individual’s sense of full control towards the object. Ownership and a sense of self are integrated together, as one can not own more than a physical object, but rather skills, ideas, and knowledge. Jean-Paul Sartre view of ownership extending to intangible objects, such as ideas and skills, is realistic. An individual’s original ideas and thoughts are created by themselves. No other person can hear another person’s thoughts or input thoughts directly into their head, therefore makes it that individual’s own thoughts.

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The thoughts and ideas that are “owned,” defines one’s sense of self. Skills also applies to one’s sense of self. Lee Iacocca, an engineer born from Italian immigrants, was able rise through the ranks to become president of the Ford Motor. He obtained the failing Chrysler Corporation one day, and using his own knowledge in corporate business, he made the company more profitable than ever. Iacocca “owned” his knowledge of the corporate world, Iacocca knew he had his capabilities to change the course of the company. Iacocca’s knowledge that he owns and his sense of self are evidently intertwined. Ownership of tangible objects also applies to one’s sense of self.

For many immigrants in the United States, owning a house and maintaining a salary to continue consuming commercial products can be considered as an accomplishment in American society. Immigrants would have a greater self-worth, as they would feel better about themselves the more integrated they are in a different society. Attaining this level of the “American Dream,” allows one to feel more attached to the American community.

Individuals who are unable to achieve this level — crawl deeper into a hole of detachment and isolation from society. Immigrants in this scenario strengthens their group and individual identity. The relationship of of ownership and sense of self are very close. Ownership of something tangible and intangible, gives an individual a sense of how they are.

Tangible objects and intangible things not only define an individual, but “own” themselves and their identities.


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