Oxidation JP. Assessment of the antioxidant potential

Oxidation of fats is a leading reason for meat spoilage second only to microbial growth and it leads to a reduction of shelf life due to changes in taste, odor deterioration of texture and nutritional quality of muscle tissue. (Pereira et al, 2010). Usage of synthetic antioxidants to prevent degradation of lipids have been used for many years in the food industry but recent trends, driven by consumer concerns about synthetic additives, has shifted focus towards the usage of naturally occurring antioxidants. These naturally occurring substitutes includes extracts from herbs and spices and have shown to be extremely effective at preserving meat quality by preventing lipid oxidation.

àukaszewicz M, Szopa J, Krasowska A. Susceptibility of lipids from different flax cultivars to peroxidation and its lowering by added antioxidants. Food Chem 2004; 88, 225–23Bioflavonoids are the compounds of interest in these plant extract and prevents oxidation by scavenging the free radicals that form during the oxidative process. Yanishlievaa NV, Marinovaa E, Pokorny J. Natural antioxidants from herbs and spices. Eur J Lipid Sci Technol 2006; 108: 776–793. In the present study, a citrus extract containing a mixture of bioflavinoids, was examined as a potential antioxidant to be used in food packaging and was compared against L-Tocopherol which is a known naturally occuring antioxidant. O’Sullivan CM, Lynch AM, Lynch PB, Buckley DJ, Kerry JP.

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Assessment of the antioxidant potential of food ingredients in fresh, previously frozen and cooked chicken patties. Int J Poult Sci 2004; 3: 337.


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