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s1 {font-kerning: none} A written article review that focuses on motivation in the workplace, as written by Sherrie Scott (2017) Any work environment requires a form of motivation or the other in order to thrive professionally and achieve all said goals and values of the organization, some mediums might be tangible and intangible as people require their work to be recognized inversely.This article stated a few of the generally accepted medium(s) of motivating staff in a workplace, It did have brilliant points that have indeed been proven to boost influence work successfully and some interesting points were as follows. INCENTIVES these take various forms as incentives have been known to encourage speedy work delivery, having something to look forward to after a heavy workload and delivery at the best is a key motivating factor, this also serves as a reward other than regular paid wages and contracts, they could come in arrangements of various kinds, ranging from bonus cheque, expense paid vacations, shopping vouchers, etc. RECOGNITION some people flourish knowing that their hard work is acknowledged and mostly publicly announced or awarded, they feel more fulfilled knowing that their professionalism can be set as a benchmark for other, some example of this medium of motivation can be the employee of the month rewards and recognition schemes, awards, certifications etc. SELF-MOTIVATION some work professionals feel like they can personally push themselves and they do not require any specific kind of public recognition (especially ones listed above) to really accomplish all they personally set out to do, they are self-determined to fulfill their duties. IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGIES these according to the article can include spontaneous decisions made by the management of the organization to encourage work productivity this can also be competitive in nature and may allow for the staff to be at loggerheads with one another in order to win The above-mentioned methods by the author of the article were suggested and as much as they are significant motivational factors I am of the opinion that a few more essential factors could have been includedFor example, a suitable work environment is an unavoidable motivational factor, the workspace, the work location, and accessibility, how to get to the place of work, modes of transportation etc., these are to be considered, when the staff of any organization is comfortable getting to work it leaves room for a relaxed work environmentAlso, include training programs to help broaden the knowledge of staff, this will give an advantage and increase their skill and methods of work.

Communication is a crucial factor, the way and manner top management and staff relate, as well as colleagues amongst one another helps to keep a free flow of information in the organization, which is a remarkable tool. Above all, organizations and their goals exist as a plan or an idea but can forge ahead when there is a collective form of motivation. 


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