s version of the argument

Paley’s version of the argument is refuted by Darwin’s theory of evolution which brings a competing explanation for complex organisms. Ideally, during the origin of species, Darwin tends to argue that there are more complex biological organisms that evolve over years through the natural selection process (Collins, 2014).

The theory of evolution is considered as a natural selection process whereby organisms change with time due to alteration in inherited behavioral and physical qualities. In the theory of evolution, it explains that the large number of interlinked adaptations through which the world is made up of intelligence, life, and molarities cannot convincingly be considered as an outcome of the system, from an unknown source of power or by purposive intelligence (Holder, 2017). The logic of the natural process leads to the Darwinian explanation being more significant as compared to the probable design explanation.Considerably, Darwin’s theory of evolution undermines the argument from design by William Paley. Paley’s argument assumes the existence of the Universe was as a result of higher intelligence with a sense of purpose while Darwin’s theory of evolution explains the discovery of complexities of natural selection with adaptive qualities that are evident naturally.

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