Pampas Grass scientific name is

Pampas Grass scientific name is Cortaderia Selloana and is native to the Pampas Plains in South America (Chile , Brazil and argentina). Pampas Grass was introduced in australia in the late 1800’s and it is also not endangered.Pampas Grass can grow up to 4m high.

Pampas Grass has long green leaves that can grow 1-2m long and 1cm wide which are razor sharp. The leaves have tufted hairs, 2-3mm long.The flowers are found in loose branches 20-40cm long on a23m tall branch. The flower heads can be white, cream or purplish pink.Pampas Grass has no special habitat preference in where it lives. It does grow best in open sunny places with damp soil, but it can grow almost anywhere.

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It is also commonly found on the side of the road. It doesn’t do well in wetter conditions or shady areas.


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