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Paper Towns by John Green is a book about mystery. The book starts off with Quentin and Margo on how their friendship all started. Their friendship started off when one day they both found a dead body. After years past on of growing up and doing their own things they didn’t talk anymore. Then one night Margo cracks open his window and crawls into his room and his life again. When Margo comes in Quentin was surprised and confused on why she came in. Margo asked him if he wanted to join her adventure on her revenge spree to everyone who did her wrong so he said yes and followed her out into the dark. After the amazing night had happened the next day had to sadly come and Margo was missing. Quentin was really worried and scared that Margo had been missing so he goes and try to find her himself. Until one day he founds out that she left him clues. When he gets the clues to find her he drags along his friends on the adventure. When going on this trip to find her he is now realizing that Margo is not what he expected or thought she was but that didn’t stop him. At the end he finds Margo and she is shocked on why he is there and how he found her. Later on after that she explains that those clues weren’t for him and then they talk and they kiss and head off their own ways living their own lifes like nothing had ever happened.


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