Parenting child would probably think that he/she

Parenting can be a lot difficult and places a ton of responsibilities on a person. The way a family functions is all based on the parenting style.

Parenting styles are a collection of attitudes, habits, and practices that distinguish a parent-child relationship. Parenting styles can broken down into four different categories such as permissive, authoritarian, authoritative, and uninvolved. The different style of parenting can affect a child’s social development. It can also affect their decisions making on life situations as adults. The permissive style of parenting are parent who allows a just a few amount of rules. According to “”, they’re “lenient, avoid confrontation, and allow considerable self-regulation”.

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A permissive parent would probably let son/daughter sleep over at a friend house if asked permission. When it comes to the authoritarian style of parenting the parents are very strict and demanding. They’d rather gain obedience from a child by yelling at them. They won’t even listen to the child’s demand. The child would probably think that he/she don’t get no types of freedom.

This can lead the child doubting the parent love for him or her. Authoritative style of parenting are somewhat similar to the Authoritarian style . The parents are still demanding and controlling but are communicative with their child and more kind to them. They explore a balance of a teen’s need for independence and the parent’s need to be listened to. The Uninvolved style of parenting is the total opposite of the authoritarian parenting .

They doesn’t demand almost nothing and give nearly give absolute freedom. This can be similar to neglect. They may allow their child to go anywhere with friends and probably doesn’t care about what they’re doing in school . In conclusion, it’s important to be a good and caring parent. At the same you don’t want your child not obeying you that’s why going along with the authoritative style of parenting is probably the best choice. You can be a kind parent and give them some independence but you also have to let your child know that there is a certain kinds of rules they have to follow and that you have to respected .


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