Parents the school readiness, school educational programs,

Parents are considered as the first teachers of children since the beginning. They are the caretakers of the child. The development of children is largely influence by the involvement of parents in different aspects of learning. Some parents involved in the school readiness, school educational programs, academic achievement, and reading readiness of children. In Other schools, parents are included in making school rules, policies and interventions to develop better service and high school performance.

Parental involvement takes a very big role in promoting good school performance and academic achievement to children. They can reinforce children’s activities at home through reading storybooks and other related materials. Parents can foresee pupil’s development in reading and builds a good relationship between their children. Even though, there are some admonishments of parents involvement it is clearly emphasized that parents involvement is incredibly embolden for the educational development and opportunities for kindergarten children to learn. According to (Lau, Eva YH, Hui Li, and Nirmala Rao) Parental involvement was highly correlated with overall readiness for school.

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Parent Instruction, Language and Cognitive Activities and Homework Involvement were the significant predictors of overall readiness for school, whereas home-based involvement predicted more variance of readiness for school than did school-based involvement. Only Language and Cognitive Activities and Home–school Conferencing were associated with children’s Chinese literacy and cognitive readiness.


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