Partisan Filipinos the first taste of politics,

Partisan politics “a partisan is a committed member of a political party or political coalitions” it was one of that society which the Americans brought to the Philippines. The municipal elections that followed the implantation of American sovereignty gave the Filipinos the first taste of politics, American-brand. To be sure there was at the beginning no trouble, no color to campaigns, for the Filipinos were as to yet too politically naïve to understand the trouble of modern politics. With the founding of political parties, however, they began to recognize the American political. The electors until now innocent began to be corrupted by politics. Expenses of candidates arise, the electors attempt for the first time the power of the ballot, began to think in terms of personality and personal safety.

Therefore, many American political practices finally found a rich soil in the Philippines. But over the negative effects of the imported brand of politics, the Filipinos learned the complicated works of government. The control of the law-making body and the Filipino policy of Harrison led to a deep political awareness. The defeat nationalism of the first decade of American rule was released and ultimately found expression in the agitation for political independence. (Agoncillo, 1998, pp.

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