Partnership Or they may need the help of

Partnership working is when all parties work together and can communicate, listen to, respect, the knowledge and experience of each other.
There should be no individual agenda but all partners working together with the goal of the best possible outcome for the service users concerned, clear agendas are set and followed, agreements once decided will be accepted and actions are promptly followed through.

Explain the importance of Partnership working

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Partnership working is important to ensure that the relevant partner are involved to ensure faster more effective outcomes, as each partner will have knowledge and experience in the relevant area.

As they work with the service user daily, they will have the best general working knowledge.
Other Professionals
There are many other professionals that we use for example
Doctors for general medical advice I would contact the individuals GP.
Occupational Therapy for any aids and adaptations required to help the service user’s independence or safety
Speech and Language therapist for communication, eating and drinking issues
Wherever possible the individual or service user should be enabled to advocate for themselves, there situations where this is not possible due to communication difficulties, family, friends may advocate for them.
Or they may need the help of a independent advocate.

The individual or service user must be at centre of partnership working.
The needs and wishes of the individual or service user should be the main consideration, all decisions and agreements must keep this as the focus,
Carers, advocates, families/friends can provide important information and knowledge from different aspects due to their relationship with the individual or service user.


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